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The Scorpio is easily the most desired out of all of the signs in the zodiac. People born of this sign are able to sway the hearts of just about anyone.

A lot of signs are secretly jealous of Scorpios for a number of reasons. Below I am going to go over the 5 signs that are most jealous of them and why. While you might not realize it, if you’re a Scorpio you have a lot more going for you than you think.


Pisces are not able to focus in the ways that Scorpios are Scorpios are able to really put their all in one task but the Pisces is far too creative and sporadic to really settle down to one thing. The Pisces is jealous of the Scorpio because the Scorpio is able to really find balance. Pisces are fearful and overtrusting but Scorpios are guarded and strong-willed.


Gemini’s are usually the life of the party and come with a lot of conflicted traits. This is nothing like the Scorpio and really makes the Gemini quite envious. The Gemini is someone that is always being talked about in a negative light but the Scorpio is fawned over. They are very envious of the Scorpios ability to get others to open up. While the Gemini loves to talk people are often quite guarded when speaking to them.


Libras tend to be quite jealous of Scorpios because Scorpios embrace their emotional side without allow the emotions of others to rule their lives. The Libra would love to be able to control people in the ways that Scorpios can. While it might not sound like much the Scorpio has a lot of what the Libra lacks.


Capricorns are much more cautious than Scorpios. Scorpios are able to dive right in and get things done, this is something that the Capricorn wishes he or she could do. Capricorns are usually quite jealous of Scorpios because Scorpios don’t have to be so cautious and disciplined, so they can take what they want without much issue.


Cancers are extremely loving but often fall short when it comes to the Scorpio. People tend to choose the Scorpio over the Cancer and it drives them crazy. They want what the Scorpio has in the world of love and feel like the Scorpio doesn’t appreciate any of what is given to them.

Scorpios have it made when it comes to a lot of things. They come out on top in a lot of ways. While you might not think much of it, they are capable of a lot. Have you ever been with a Scorpio?

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