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Capricorn season is almost here and with that, we need to begin looking into what is to come. It officially begins in late December on the 22nd but its energies are well on their way.

While everyone will be pushed to learn from their mistakes and really let their best qualities come forth, not everyone will be able to do so without putting forth a lot of efforts. Some zodiac signs will be getting positive things from Capricorn season and others will feel as if they are being run through the gutter. Capricorn season is all about responsibility, self-control, and will bring many through things that they have been holding onto for far longer than they should have.

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that will be getting the best experiences and energies out of this Capricorn season. While you will hit some bumps here and there everything that comes before you will lead you more towards where you need to be. Did your sign make the list?


Capricorn season is going to make you feel very confused but also remind you to stop forgiving people in your life for the things they’ve done to you. For some reason, when someone hurts you, you let them apologize and come right back into your life. You are about to really figure things out and learn that not everyone deserves to be by your side. This is a lesson that will stick with you for years to come.


Capricorn season will really bring you to a place in which you feel more comfortable with who you are. You will be really thinking things through and letting go of the negative emotions you’ve been carrying with you. Instead of sulking over all the bad things that have happened in the past few months you will be celebrating all of the things that have gone right and really being thankful for all that you have.

While Capricorn season is not necessarily long, it is long enough to get you in a very good mood. During this time period, you will find yourself surrounded by people who matter to you and really begin nurturing your connections. You’re going to be true to yourself for once and we can only hope it sticks past Capricorn season.


Capricorn season is going to have you feeling pretty restless. You’re going to be breaking out of your shell and letting your true colors out. While normally you’re reserved and quiet you’re about to surprise everyone. The new sense of optimism you’ve been experiencing is doing you well.

During this time period, you are going to be much more confident and really holding your own. You are going to be working on a lot of new things. The more you allow your mind to wander the better the outcome will be. Perhaps putting some of those creative ideas to use could benefit you greatly.


Capricorn season is going to have you really feeling yourself. You will be learning to express yourself and let others in without jumping ship. During this season you will be feeling as if the attention being focused on you is finally not a bad thing. As time passes you will begin to find yourself in more ways than you could have ever expected.


Capricorn season is your season so of course, you’re going to be having a wonderful time. The energies of this season will be really building you up and setting you up for something special. While you will feel a bit out of place you will be finding a new sense of confidence.

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