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When it comes to the female narcissist sure, she does damage to her partner but that’s not the only person she’s damaging. For some reason, female narcissists seem to target other non-narcissistic women as a whole on a level that is quite mind-blowing.

They don’t want to see other women doing well for themselves or getting things they do not have or things they want in general. They will pretend to be your friend, all the while ruining your life in the process of getting to know you. Sure, that might sound extreme, but it’s very true.

The connections we have with narcissists are not always romantic ones, and I think that is something not many people realize. You could have a friend, family member, or even a coworker who is a narcissist. Just because you’re not going home to this person every day doesn’t mean they’re not potentially damaging you in some ways. 

While narcissistic men are usually much more obvious with their tactics, narcissistic women are more-so hidden or covert in their actions. This meaning they are nowhere near as easy to spot. She will make you trust her and work to hide the things she’s doing to bring you down so that she can keep working towards them and that in itself is quite horrifying. 

Now, for those who might not be aware, narcissists are people with something known as NPD or narcissistic personality disorder. These people are lacking when it comes to empathy and always want as much attention as they can get. They tend to be quite arrogant and willing to manipulate others to get what they want to a degree that is enormous. The more time you spend with them, the more clear it becomes that they don’t really care deeply about anyone but themselves.

Narcissistic women don’t see friendships or connections as a whole as something that they need, just something they can use. They see everyone around them as a means of getting what they want, and so that’s what they intend to use the people in their lives as. If they can’t think of something they can get out of you, chances are they don’t bother associating with you much, if at all.

Below, I am going to go over some ways in which narcissistic women seem to attack other women. These are things they do to bring them down or gain more control over them. While not all of these things seem too terrible, they can all have drastic effects on those being targeted.

5 Ways Toxic Female Narcissists Break Down Other Women:

1. They seek to constantly out-do them.

Whenever you show the narcissistic woman that you’ve done something or accomplished something overall, they pull back and outdo you in the end. This is because they think they are better than you. They want you to feel like your accomplishments are nothing in comparison to theirs.

2. They shame them.

When the narcissistic female wants to gain the upperhand shame is something they tend to go for. They make you feel like something you’re going through is your fault, and try to make you the victim out to be the one who made the issue an ‘issue’ in the first place. This makes you question yourself and thus allows them to bridge the gap for more communication in regards.

3. They spread rumors.

Female narcissists are some of the worst bullies out there. They come up with some of the nastiest rumors about women they are jealous of or people they think are getting in their way. They want to tear you down so that you are no longer a ‘threat’ to them or what it is they are seeking to accomplish.

4. They point out their flaws.

Narcissistic women love to point out the flaws in others. They hide their own flaws well and are always mentioning something wrong with another person. If you’re younger they will especially work hard to break you down. They want you to feel bad about yourself so that they can, in the end, shine brighter.

5. They cross boundaries and then play the victim.

When the female narcissist wants something, she takes it. She will cross your boundaries and then once you begin to speak up or fight back, she will say that she ‘didn’t know’ or that she ‘thought you were friends’ and that she’d ‘do the same for you.’ This is her way of trying to make you feel bad for acting as if she was trying to pull the wool over your eyes, even though that was exactly what she was doing, to begin with.