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Negative energy can seriously bring you down, and the more you feed into it or refuse to acknowledge it the worse it will become.

Negative energies can and will affect our lives big time. They can really drain us of all positivity and leave us feeling as if our flaws are all we have. When we give them too much power over our beings we are setting ourselves up for failure. It is far too easy to fall prey to the negativity around you and because of that, you have to remember to constantly work to cultivate positivity within your life and inner circle as a whole.

Below I am going to go over some ways in which harboring too much resentment or negativity overall can affect you and your own well-being. Allowing yourself to remain stuck in a place of negativity will not do you any favors, ever. It will only damage your sense of self in the long-run.

5 Ways Negative Energy Affects Our Lives:

1. Negative energy promotes negative thoughts.

Negative energy isn’t going to allow you to think positively. You have to work hard to get back to a positive mindset. When you’re constantly thinking bad things about yourself and unable to let go of the bad side of things, you need to work on that. When a negative thought enters your mind, hold onto it and then release it. Stop giving the bad side of things power over you.

2. Negative energy brings forth bad luck.

When negative energy is controlling our lives we’re not going to be able to get things done. It will be as if everything that could go wrong is going wrong and nothing makes any sense. The whole world is seemingly falling apart.

3. Negative energy clouds our judgment.

If negative energy has a serious hold on you it is going to really force you into making the decisions that are going to damage you in the long-run. Negative energy does not want to see you succeed or doing well. It wants to force you into a rut and make sure you’re stuck for as long as possible.

4. Negative energy makes us more emotional.

When we’re facing a lot of negative energy we tend to become quite emotional. The more negativity that surrounds us the more emotional we will become. You might end up lashing out or saying things you otherwise would not say.

5. Negative energy makes us feel quite smothered.

While negative energy is important in some ways, it can leave us feeling smothered when built up. You will feel as if you’re trapped and like everything is working against you. Even the smallest things feel as if they are going to tear you apart.

Now, regarding clearing these negative energies from our lives, we have to cultivate a positive mindset and really work hard to overcome the things within. While it takes time, you can start by working to move forward. If something or someone is bringing you down, cut ties. If you are not content, make the changes you need to become a more positive person. To learn more about how to do this, check out the video below.