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We see single parents a lot these days and some are doing great while others are struggling, but what effects might this be having on the children? While a lot of people might assume growing up with just one parent is a terrible thing, it is not always as bad as you might think.

For single parents or caregivers looking for supportive resources, the Single Parent’s Guide to Raising Children offers a comprehensive insight into addressing common challenges and ensuring a nurturing environment for the child.

Children who grow up with just one parent can turn out perfectly fine. Growing up with just a mom or just a dad or even living with your grandmother is not a sentence to a bad life. That being said, these children do grow up looking at and experiencing love differently. The way they deal with or look at relationships is not necessarily the same as someone who grew up with two parents.

1.More Prone To Emotional Problems

Children in single-parent homes are more likely to suffer from emotional problems. They are three times more likely to become aggressive if their parents went through a divorce, which is something we should expect, as they are going through a very stressful situation. Children who grow up in a single-parent home are more likely to have trust issues when it comes to who they let in or out of their lives.

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2.Daddy Issues

Sometimes if a person is lacking their father’s presence, they may struggle to form real relationships with men, this not always happening but being a big thing to look for. They might feel as if the person they are trying to love wants to leave them, even if he or she doesn’t as a result of their upbringing. This is, however, something the person can work through.

3. Loyalty

Now, on the bright side of this, the child that grew up in a single parent home values loyalty more-so than a child that had two parents. He or she learns that you cannot always trust everyone and that being good to those who prove their loyalty to you is important. They let those around them earn their trust and from there they respect them more as well. There are a lot of good things about growing up in a single parent home that most people don’t want you to know about.

To nurture this admirable trait, the Ask Powerful Questions: Create Conversations That Matter workbook offers engaging exercises.

4. Independence

Growing up in a happy home is the main thing that matters. Everyone needs to have their needs met. Sometimes people who grow up in two-parent homes end up much worse off. There are good and bad to both. People who grow up with one parent also come out more independent. They are more aware of how to function on their own and do not need to rely on other people as much.

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5. Fear Of Abandonment

While they may fear abandonment and rejection more, these too can be worked through. They know what it is like to have to grow up in a single parent home and most likely want a more for their children, so they put as much as they can into all of their relationships. They may not have grown up in the ideal home, but they learned the lessons they needed to learn.

Consider Never Alone: Stories of Hope and Overcoming, a collection of narratives dedicated to kids who’ve faced this challenge.

Any home can be functioning with or without both parents. While the child that grew up with a single parent grew up differently and loves differently, that doesn’t mean he or she is incapable. We are all human and in the end, we make the most of what we can.

Love is a priority for most of us, just because you grow up with one parent doesn’t mean you aren’t interested in being in a relationship. Were you someone that grew up in a single-parent home, and how do you think it affected the way you look at love?

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