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There are four different parenting styles, including permissive, authoritative, neglectful, and authoritarian. And according to experts, authoritative parents stand above the rest for several reasons.

While we often like to believe our style of parenting is the best, that simply just isn’t the case. A certain style may appeal to you more – but the right style for intelligent and successful children is authoritative parenting, according to psychologists.

So, what are the differences?


-Warm and responsive
-Clear rules
-High expectations
-Value Independence


-Strict Rules
-High expectations
-Expect blind obedience


-Cold and unresponsive
-No rules


-Warm and responsive
-Few or no rules

While it may seem obvious to some why authoritative is best, to others, not so much. Here are 5 ways authoritative parents stand above the rest, according to science.

1. Studies show authoritative parents raise more confident kids.

According to various studies, children raised in an authoritative household are more likely to be confident and secure in their place in life. Due to this- they thrive in ways children who are raised with different parenting styles don’t.

2. Higher academic success.

A study published in the JSTOR journal shows that children raised by authoritative parents have higher success rates in academia. Furthermore, they are more likely to have higher-paying jobs.

3. Better social skills.

Children raised in a high-response and high-expectation environment, such as authoritative, are more likely to be more confident and because of that are better at socializing. Time and time again, studies have shown that the balance given by this parenting style prepares children to be better in areas of socialization.

4. More capable of problem-solving.

Emotional regulation is learned, not genetic. Because of this, with the type of environment that is typical in an authoritative household, children learn how to manage their emotions better. Research has shown that authoritative parents are typically more emotionally grounded.

5. Raising more resilient kids.

Authoritative parents teach their kids at an early age how to manage their behavior and cope with them, rather than removing obstacles from their way. This allows them to learn how to self-regulate and, in turn, they are more likely to be resilient.