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Negative energy does a lot more damage in our lives than we think. It is usually not something we notice as quickly as we should and if you’re feeling down and out or as if the atmosphere in your home is heavy you could really benefit from a good cleanse.

Whether you are really feeling the bad vibes or just think a cleanse might be necessary, it is something that should be done every couple of weeks or more frequently depending on the household. When the environment begins feeling tense, you really need to go ahead and do something. Allowing negative or stagnant energies to live in your home is only going to cause you to feel very uncomfortable.

Now, when it comes to cleansing your home there are quite a few different methods you can opt for. Keep in mind if someone is toxic, stop letting them inside of your home. This is supposed to be your safe place and if you keep allowing toxic people around negative energies will only accumulate much quicker. Below I am going to go over some of the more common cleansing methods. While you can do them all or just one they will really bring about a lot of change in the energies before you.

5 Ways To Cleanse Negative Energy in Your House:

1. Open up those windows.

By opening up the windows you are allowing these bad energies somewhere to go. You are no longer locking them inside of your home. They have a place from which they can exit.

2. Smudge with sage.

Smudging with sage will also remove negative energies. I suggest beginning at the front door and from there covering each room. While you may see smudging done a lot on the big screen, it is something that can really benefit us all in real life.

3. Remove any and all clutter.

Get rid of the clutter! If something is broken throw it out. Keeping your area cluttered is bad for the energetic field around you.

4. Salt the corners of each room

Salting the corners of each room is a great idea! Use sea salt or pink salt. These salts will suck up the negative energies in your household and from there can be vacuumed up and forgotten. You don’t have to do something complicated to help clear the air, this small step makes a huge difference.

5. Add some healing crystals to each room.

Black tourmaline is my favorite, but you can do your own research and figure out which crystals work best for you and your home. Add a few to each room and allow them to work for you. They look neat to have and benefit the environment as a whole, win-win.

Featured Video Via: Loving Practice