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Intelligence comes in many forms, and just because someone is ‘intelligent’ when it comes to words, books, etc., doesn’t mean they are emotionally intelligent. In fact, it is quite possible to be completely savvy when it comes to books, while being a total moron on an emotional level.

And while book smarts can get you into the school, and land you with a good job, having a low-level of emotional intelligence can make it difficult, if not impossible, to have healthy social relationships.

When was the last time you got into a verbal argument? Did the other person understand your feelings, and did you understand theirs? Having poor emotional skills can affect your friendships, relationships, how we interact with coworkers, and more.

Check out these commonly used phrases of people who are emotionally unintelligent.

Nobody understands me.

If you are always in an argument over a misunderstanding, it is likely that you are the problem. While this may not always be the case, when someone is constantly arguing with others, they may need to reexamine their social and emotional skills.

It’s so frustrating how you expect me to know how you feel.

If you are low in the IQ level, you may be constantly oblivious to how others feel. In turn, the emotionally unintelligent may get frustrated when they are expected to understand feelings.

You are too sensitive.

People who are emotionally unintelligent believe others to be too sensitive when they feel something deeply. This is because they don’t really feel things, or know how to express those feelings emotionally.

I can’t deal with that level of emotion.

Emotionally charged situations will cause someone with a low level of emotional intelligence to run for the hills. Strong emotions are hard to comprehend if you struggle with emotional intelligence.

Can’t you just?

Those who use this phrase often aren’t putting themselves in the emotional position of the person they are speaking to. Instead, they are throwing out suggestions without showing any empathy at all. This is typical of someone without a high level of emotional intelligence.

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