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As empaths and highly sensitive people we all go through tons of things. We address the things other people are feeling and try to help them all the while being unable to fully deal with our own.

Some empaths and HSP have learned how to face the things they have going on within but not everyone has. Now, for those who do not know empaths are people who absorb the emotions of others and take them on as their own while HSP are a bit different. HSP are those who react to the things around them more deeply than others. They are very sensitive to the energies of well, everything.

Below I am going to go over some of the things that can and will help people who fall into these two categories to really face their negative feelings, especially anger. Rather than brushing their own emotions off or locking them away, dealing with them can help these people grow. The better that these people are able to process things, the further in life they will get.

5 Tips For Handing Anger As An Empath Or Highly Sensitive Person:

1. Be willing to speak your mind.

Sometimes you have to talk about the things you’re feeling and while that might be hard it is important. Speaking your mind is crucial for dealing with anger and things of that sort. If you bottle this kind of thing up and refuse to use your voice, you’ll only end up miserable.

2. Set proper boundaries with others.

Some people just make us angry no matter what they do and while we might not be able to cut ties with them entirely, we can set boundaries with them. These people might have good intentions but the way they go about things is all wrong. At the end of the day by setting boundaries you are protecting yourself.

3. Be well aware of your worth, always.

You are worth so much more than you might be willing to admit. There is nothing wrong with accepting that you are special and that you deserve to be able to move forth properly. Life is short, stop wasting your time.

4. Cut ties when ties need to be cut.

Sometimes cutting ties is crucial for moving forth and well, it’s something you should not hesitate to do. If someone refuses to respect your boundaries and is only making you feel worse and worse, cut them out of your life. You are not a toy and you should not be played with.

5. Meditate over the emotions you’re experiencing.

Meditating over your emotions will help you get through things properly. If you are unsure of how to address the issues at hand, meditate. This will allow you the chance to really figure things out and work through them within.