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April 2021 will end with a Super Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is a sign of transformation, and it represents the process of total transformation.

This supermoon gets it name from the Wild Ground Phlox that are beginning to bloom. While many will find it disappointing that the moon isn’t actually going to turn pink, it will still bring beauty. This moon in particular is all about optimism for the future and the anticipation of goals and dreams coming into fruition.

Scorpio energy is all about passion and intensity. The energy itself will drive you to get to the bottom of any issues you are facing and will bring about a sense of raw emotion. One of the things to look out for when it comes to Scorpio energy is jealousy, be it in yourself or in someone close to you. During the full pink moon, these things will be amplified.

If you are feeling lonely or loved or anything of the sort during the full pink moon you will be feeling the opposite. Under the light and energy of the full pink moon, you are going to be given a chance to find yourself in more ways than you can fathom right now. You will be coming across a new sense of self.

You must use this energy to truly figure out how to accept the things that make you uncomfortable. You have to be able to work through your problems, it is not enough to just want to. Opening up and no longer covering your face with that fake smile will benefit you greatly.

This deep transformation is not going to be easy but it is necessary. This full pink moon is going to change you in the ways you need to be changed. Do not hesitate to follow your heart when these energies are working on you. Under the light of this full pink moon, a moon bath will have you truly revitalized.

Use this energy to your advantage. This gift is going to bring something amazing to you. Do not let them overwhelm you but be aware of who you are.

The following video is filled with the 5 things you need to know to help get you through the full pink moon.