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Our mind controls a lot more than we tend to realize. It holds our emotions and so forth, but it affects so much more than that!

Studies have been done throughout time on this topic and far more has been uncovered than most could ever imagine. As human beings we do not completely know all that we are capable of. Below I am going to go over some things that you might not be aware of regarding your mental capabilities. These are things that might seemingly blow you away, the human mind in itself is a truly fascinating and wondrous thing.

5 Things We Should All Know About Our Mental Abilities:

1. You can ‘think’ yourself into having more energy.

You can literally think yourself into having more energy. When you’re lazy or feeling as if you cannot continue forth thinking about all the benefits you can gain from getting what needs to be done can motivate you to move forth. It can literally give you the energy to keep going.

2. You can create emotions you want to feel with your mind.

When you want to feel sad, you can bring that emotion into the forefront of your mind and literally feel it. You are able to create a feeling out of nothing because you are so in tune with it. This is something that many do without even realizing. For instance, you can think yourself into being mad when otherwise you were quite content.

3. Your thoughts have some influence over your immune system itself.

Your thoughts can control your immune system on some levels. The power of your thoughts is far more intense than you probably realize. When you’re feeling sick you can through maintaining positivity become a lot less sick depending on the situation. While not always enough to boost you up, this can come in handy. Click here to read more on the topic. Our mind communicates with all parts of our bodies.

4. You can generate heat through meditation.

Tibetan monks have been for years on end generating heat from their bodies through meditation. This practice is known as Tum-mo and is quite intense and not easy to achieve. They are literally able to cause steam to come from wet sheets as their temperature rises.

5. You can build muscle by just thinking about it.

Our minds are so powerful that one study even found that we could create more muscle with thought alone. For this study, researchers has two groups one thinking of building muscle and one physically working to build muscle. The group that was merely thinking the muscle forth had gained more once the study was coming to a close than those who actually exercised the muscle in question.

To learn more about what your brain can do check out the video below. There is a lot more going on in your mind than you are aware of. These things are just a small glimpse into that world.