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While you might think you’re ignoring her or giving her the silent treatment will make her see some serious wrong she’s done (though she’s done nothing wrong) you’re very much mistaken. The more you ignore her and mistreat her, the more she will see her own worth and tune into the strength that she has for a long time been unaware of. 

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ignore You might think playing these games with her heart will get you closer to her and make her yours forever, but that’s nowhere near the case. Yes, for a little while she will chase you, but not forever. She will eventually begin to see that you are not worth her time or her efforts. She will begin to realize that you’re not just putting on an act of not caring, but finally see that you truly do not care at all. 

She will as time passes learn what she deserves in love and in life, as well as what she will never put up with again. She will set boundaries with people like you, and your kind will no longer be able to reach her inner circle. You might be able to impress her at first and charm her to a point, but once your true colors come out, she will hit the high road. 

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She is not a toy to be played with, and she will not let you use her. If power is what you’re looking for, you might as well jump ship because she isn’t willing to give that up anymore. She is in control of her life, and she calls the shots.

Giving her the silent treatment does nothing more than let her see just how truly unimportant, to you, she was and is. It allows her the chance to realize just how much better off without you, she is, and that you should keep in mind. If you can’t sit down and talk through your problems, you’re not worth her attention at all. 

When you ignore her, the following become quite present in her life, and she uses them to her advantage. That much you should not forget easily. While other people might do this, she is not the kind to play into these games. 

5 Things That Happen When You Ignore Her:

1. She realizes that you’re not as stable as you might say you are.

While you might say you’re fine and capable of being in a proper functioning relationship, your actions show her otherwise. When you ignore her you make her more and more aware that you have a lot of growing to do. Someone who is ready for a real connection would be more willing to communicate.

2. She rethinks the situation at hand.

Instead of being upset over your absence, she will after some time begin to rethink things. The more she does this, the more she will realize she has done nothing wrong. She will come to terms with the fact that you’re trying to get more control over her.

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3. She decides you are not to be trusted.

Once she begins to see that this is how you deal with things and that you cannot be trusted, she will see that in stone within her mind. You will not be able to simply win her back over anymore.

4. She embraces the peace.

Now that she knows what is happening and where she is headed, she gives into the peace before her while you’re gone. She decides that you’re not worth her time anymore and that she is just fine without you. I know, this is going to be hard for you to hear, but it’s the truth, and you caused it.

5. She stops being willing to give chances.

After all is said and done, she won’t keep giving you chances. Sure, you might get one or two, but after that she’s not going to try anymore. This is where things end, and you need to keep in mind if you treated her better things would not have played out in this manner.

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