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Connecting with your higher self is one of the most amazing and life-changing things you can ever do. While this may sound like spiritual jargon, it’s honestly the legitimate backbone of spiritual growth.

Your higher self is your true self. It’s your soul. It’s your spirit, and it’s your eternal form. By connecting with this aspect of yourself, you grow to learn who you truly are and who you aspire to be. While there are many ways to connect with your higher self, meditation is the best way.

Here are 5 amazing benefits for connecting with your higher self during meditation.

1. You are overcome with peace and harmony.

Aligning with your higher self will bring you the purest form of peace and harmony. It’s like the homecoming you never expected. It’s like for the first time in your entire life feeling like you truly understand yourself. This feeling is unlike anything else in the world.

2. You feel more deeply connected between your mind and body.

In life, stress, and daily tasks can separate our mind from our body. We become so automated that we get lost and disconnected. Meditation aligns our mind with our body, but when you connect to your higher self through meditation, it’s like two disconnected pieces of a puzzle come together.

3. You feel pushed to make major changes in your life.

Our higher self knows our true purpose and mission in life. Because this is our spirit, they understand our soul contract. In life, when we become disconnected from our spirit, we become complacent. However, when you reconnect, you feel a push to do more, to be more, to aspire for more.

4. You learn fundamental truths about yourself.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is truly understanding yourself. You may have always wondered why you do things a certain way or why you don’t. Why do you feel drawn to certain paths and pushed away from others? Your higher self will answer all of these queries.

5. You develop a greater connection to the world around you.

On a quantum level, we are all one. We may be an isolated aspect of a greater being, but when it comes down to it, on an atomic level, we are connected. When you realize this, it’s one of the most amazing keys to unlocking your spiritual journey. And your higher self will push you in this direction.

The Technique

These changes do not take place immediately or in one session. You have to diligently practice meditation regularly. No, you don’t have to meditate for hours each day, or days on end. But you do have to practice.

Sit down with yourself in the quiet. Turn off your phone. Close the door, and remove all distractions. Dim the lights, and sit comfortably. Close your eyes. And begin talking to your higher self. Then, welcome them to approach you. After that, allow each part of your body to relax, one part at a time, working from your toes up to your crown. Once you are relaxed, quiet the mind. When thoughts arise, categorize them, and allow them to ease out of your mind. Listen for your higher self.

Do this for 5-10 minutes each day or as many days as you can. Work your way up gradually. And after a while, you will eventually connect with your higher self.