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For those who do not know, there was a GeekWire Summit not too long ago during which Bill Gates and his wife took some time to speak. During this event, the Gates broke down a lot about the pandemic and how things will be moving forward.

According to GeekWire, Gates had quite a few different important things to say as he spoke about scientific advances, technological innovation, and so much more. While we might not see this year as having been ‘productive’ it really has brought us to a place where we’ve had to deal with someone no one would have ever imagined. Now that we’ve seen this pandemic, more and more of us are realizing how fragile the state of the world truly is.

Below I am going to go over a few of the things Gates went over during this Summit meeting and what those things mean. I know, 2021 might be well on its way but that doesn’t mean these things are over already. The year 2021 is in itself going to be hard on us as well but also very full of growth.

Several Things Bill Gates Says You Should Expect In 2021 And As Time Continues To Pass:

1. Technological advances will be coming.

Since we’ve seen such a serious issue come forth and been so unprepared we will be seeing a lot of advances coming forth be it in medicine as well as technology. We will want to prevent another pandemic and according to Gates, so far we’ve managed to just this year open up maybe ”12 years of progress.” This meaning as work for a vaccine continues and things of that nature do not slow, more and more advances will be to come.

2. Getting back to normal won’t be easy, but things will end up getting better.

According to Gates, as 2021 comes into focus, and we move forth by ”late 2021, the US could be in much better shape than we are right now.” That meaning that for now; we’re going to be dealing with a lot still but once we make it through some of 2021, we may notice a sense of normal coming back on some level. Things like this might get worse before they get better but keeping our hopes up and working as hard as we can to do our part as the people will make a difference.

3. Overall, progress is being made in lots of areas and that will continue.

While seeing the positive side to things is not always easy, this pandemic has brought a lot of us together in strange ways. It has put us in the position to see things from a different perspective and brought awareness to a lot of issues through the ‘free-time’ it has created for some. Yes, it has been hard but according to Gates as noted by GeekWire during all of this “Slowly but surely, we’re recognizing how we treat minorities, how we treat women.”

4. We will continue to see climate issues. (climate change)

While a lot of people seem to think this pandemic provided mother nature with a good break, the differences made during this pandemic have not changed things as much as most assume. According to Gates, the toughest climate change challenge moving forth will be buildings and well, we’re not sure how things will end up as we continue forward. While changes in how we live can help, even this pandemic didn’t manage to save Earth as we know it.

5. Lots of vaccines are to come.

The fact that the race for a vaccine has been so intense over COVID-19 will change things a lot in the future. Not only will we see several vaccines coming out near the end of 2020 for this virus but it is likely many will come during 2021 as well. This could change a lot more than most assume it will. The medical world is not going to be the same as it used to be.

The truth is we were not ready for something like this and Gates already knew that (and made us aware of that) before this pandemic set in place. Whether you like Gates or not, there is no denying that things from here are not going to be as they were before all of this happened. How has this pandemic changed your life?