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While someone might be on your mind, knowing whether or not you’re on their mind can drive you mad. Being able to pick up on the unintentional messages a person can be sending is important and can really benefit you in a number of ways.

You see when we are thinking about someone we are operating on a different frequency than we would be otherwise. We are processing differently and our aura is radiating in a way that only that person can sense. Sometimes those people can sense this from a long distance and other times, they cannot. It all depends on you and your telepathic abilities as well as your intent or lack thereof.

To find out if someone is thinking of you, you have to really look long and hard for the signs to present themselves to you. Below I am going to go over some of those signs and what they might mean when broken down. It is very important to consider the source when it comes to things like this. Make sure that nothing is influencing these signs and really delve deep into the energetic world so that you are not being led down the wrong tube.

5 ‘Telepathic’ Signs He’s Thinking Of You:

1. You have the hiccups.

When we get the hiccups it can be due to someone talking about us or thinking of us. He might be complaining about having not seen or heard from you in a while or something else of the sort. While this one can step from a few different areas if you’re noticing this sign and some of the others, you’re without a doubt on his mind.

2. You’ve found a white feather.

If you’ve found or keep finding white feathers out of the blue then you are on someone’s mind. While this does not indicate exactly who has you in mind the feather itself should bring your mind to someone. This person is the one who cannot keep you out of his head.

3. You suddenly think of him for ‘no reason.’

If you’re just reading a book or enjoying a movie and suddenly the thought of him pops up, he is thinking of you. When there are no outside sources that would bring him to mind present you should take it as a serious sign that you should consider reaching out depending on the situation. You might find yourself having thoughts of him pop up more and more as he spends his time with you on his mind.

While he might not be intending to send you this telepathic message, it can happen. If his thoughts are strong enough they will reach you. Regardless of how far away you are from one another the connection, you have on a soul level cannot be broken.

4. You see him in your dreams.

When you dream of someone it has to hold meaning. Really take into consideration the nature of the dream. Perhaps this person’s thoughts are being brought to life in your dream state because of the strength placed behind them. While this can go in a number of ways it almost always reveals exactly what a person needs to become aware of.

5. You feel his presence even when not around.

If you’re all alone and suddenly feel as if he is right there beside you, chances are in his mind he is. When you’re not together and yet still feel one another’s presence you know things are far more real than most ever experience in their lives. You might be sitting alone only to feel as though you smelt him and felt him brush past you. There is a reason for this and whether you understand it or not it should become quite interesting as time passes.

When you have these things going on reaching out is one of the best ways to begin to work to keep things as they should be. Whether you’re together or have not spoken in years you could end up rekindling something magical. Telepathic messages can be sent even when we don’t necessarily want them to be, the universe is always working to better us and our lives as a whole.