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While there are new souls and old souls, there are also souls that lie somewhere in-between. If you’re an intermediate soul or an old soul, chances are you’re going to feel much different here than a new soul. 

If you’ve been wondering where your soul lies and perhaps if you’ve been to this Earth more times than others then you should take a moment to look for the signs. This universe is one we are heavily connected with and as we move through our lives here we learn things and change in ways others have not yet accomplished. New souls won’t be as wise as old souls and that’s just something we all need to work to better understand. 

While there is nothing wrong with being a new soul, experience comes with manifestations on this planet. Each time we manifest in this world we are given new guardian angels, new messages to share, and new lessons to learn. As we move through life on this planet each time we progress further and further. 

Below I am going to go over some signs that indicate your soul is one that has been here before whether you can remember things from your previous lives or not. These signs might not be able to clear whether you’re intermediate or old in regard to the age of your soul, but they do prove that you’re not a new soul and that in itself should clear some things up for you. If you feel out of place and as if you’re able to read things more deeply than others, this could be why.

5 Signs You’ve Visited This Earth Before:

1. You feel a sense of longing for a place you cannot find.

If you were a new soul you would hold more curiosity towards this planet than you do. Sure, you like Earth, and you want to explore it but you are longing for a place you cannot find. That place is not of this world.

2. People always tell you that you seem wiser than you should be for your age.

New souls tend to be more naive and immature than older or intermediate souls are. As a soul that has been here many times, you are wise beyond your years at all ages. Even as a child you were able to understand things that other people your age were not.

3. You like spending time alone and are comfortable with your own company.

Intermediate and old souls usually love spending time on their own. They know how to be comfortable in their own skin and with themselves as a whole. They do not obsess over fitting in and being popular. They know that sometimes it’s better to just be alone.

4. You can read people well and your intuitive side is very strong.

New souls tend to be quite easy to control. They struggle to read the people around them and are often taken advantage of as a result. If you are a soul that’s been here a few times you already know how others can be and your intuitive side is quite strong and very willing to speak to you.

5. You do not try to please others or be someone you’re not.

Souls that have spent time on this Earth before already know that we’re all unique and that we should all express ourselves. You as a soul that is well seasoned know that you should not be wasting your time trying to please others. We are all human and no one person can please everyone.