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“To Say That One Waits A Lifetime For His Soulmate To Come Around Is A Paradox. People Eventually Get Sick Of Waiting, Take A Chance On Someone, And By The Art Of Commitment Become Soulmates, Which Takes A Lifetime To Perfect.” ~ Criss Jami.

The truth is, soulmates are not born, they are made. They do not have to be romantic either! Your soulmate connection could be a sibling, creative partner, or even a best friend. You might have two or more different kinds of soulmates that you will meet in your lifetime. These connections are connections you should treasure, and they are felt at the very core of who we are.

There are signs you should look out for, and her are 5 of the most prominent!

You can both speak without words.

You both are able to read each other’s minds. You don’t need words to talk to each other. A glance in his or her direction is more than enough in most situations.

You couldn’t imagine life without this person.

This person completes you in ways no one else ever has. You could not imagine being without him or her. The connection is just too deep to give up.

You have become more patient and understanding than normal.

Things that would usually irritate you in other people just don’t have the same edge as they used to when it comes to your soulmate. You are not quick to anger, because you understand your partners heart so you are able to forgive more easily.

You can sense the connection.

You can feel the connection that the two of you have. When you try to ignore it, it only gets more intense. As time passes it becomes more and more apparent.

You feel like you’ve known one another forever.

You feel like the two of you have been in each other’s lives ever since the beginning of time even if you’ve only just met. The more time you spend together the more you feel connected with one another. It’s like you came to this planet having already been friends elsewhere.

Featured Image Via Tomasz Alen Kopera