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No one envisions their relationship failing. But, unfortunately, sometimes it happens.

Mel Robbins is a motivational speaker, attorney, and relationship expert who has a YouTube channel that provides relationship lessons and motivational talks. Her videos are extremely informative, and I suggest giving her videos a watch if you are someone who is into growth or someone who simply wants to improve their lives and relationships.

With all of that being said, in a recent video, Robbins shares five signs that show a relationship that is doomed for failure. Her advice is that if you are noticing these signs, it’s better to go ahead and face them head-on with your partner. Otherwise, “Those thoughts that you’re having that make you second guess yourself and start acting weird and clingy, those will destroy a good relationship.”

Here are the 5 signs she says that indicate a relationship is over.

1. You don’t feel like yourself.

Have you ever been in a relationship in which you feel like you have slowly lost yourself along the way? Perhaps that is where you are right now. Unfortunately, Robbins says that is a bad sign. “In this relationship, you feel like you are walking on eggshells,” she says. You may be unsure about how to act around your partner, their friends, or simply feel uncertain about showing love and affection.

2. You’re questioning how to communicate.

Communication is key to a relationship, and if you feel like the relationship is on shaky ground when they take too long to respond to you, this is a sign that the foundation of the relationship is unstable. “Any relationship where you spend more time questioning rather than talking about communication is a relationship that’s broken,” she says. A healthy relationship should allow you to feel free to communicate how you feel.

3. You worry about where the relationship stands.

“Not knowing where you stand, means this relationship doesn’t stand a chance,” Robbins explains. And while that may be a hard pill to swallow- it’s true. When someone wants to have you in their life, and the relationship is healthy – you don’t have to question where you stand.

4. You’re starting to get annoyed.

Robbins explains that after so long of an imbalance, a shift can begin to take place. And the “kiss of death” she says is when your partner calls you or comes home and the first thing you sense is dread. This means that you are over them.

5. You question whether or not you have the same values.

Shared values are so important to a relationship. If you feel like you are losing yourself to try to be more like them, she says it’s a bad sign. A way to find out for sure? She says to go out alone. If you finally feel like yourself, or like you are free again, then you are not in a relationship that is compatible with you.