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Narcissists use people for as long as they see fit and when they have taken all they can from someone, they move on. They throw away that person as if they never meant anything to them and you should be aware of this before it happens to you so that you can better understand where your toxic ‘situationship’ may be headed.

Now, for those who do not know narcissists are people who have something a lot of people refer to as narcissistic personality disorder. They are often people who seem to lack empathy, need admiration, are very caught up in themselves, and usually are quite manipulative. These kinds of people tend to present themselves as exactly what you need and then once they get you where they want you, their mask comes off and the truth of who they are and how they are comes forth.

Now, in this article, we’re not going to focus on the main things within a relationship with a narcissist but instead are going to focus on some of the signs that you’re near the end of the toxic situationship you have with your narcissist. While you might not want to let go, when they decide they’re ready to find a new source your best bet is to cut things off while you can and try to heal yourself as best you can. The narcissist doesn’t see you as a true partner, he or she sees you as someone that he or she can use and when they’ve got what they want that’s basically it for them.

If you think your narcissist is getting ready to cut you loose, stop wasting your time and let go on your own. While it might not sound like much moving away from this person on your own terms will feel much better than just being tossed to the side. Below I am going to go over some of the signs that your narcissist might be preparing to discard you and I know, these things can hurt but you’re capable of getting through them and finding yourself on your own, clinging to this person won’t benefit you in the long-run and you don’t need to forget that.

5 Signs Your Narcissist Is Preparing To Discard You:

1. Things he or she once claimed to like about you are suddenly on their nerves.

While before things went further south your narcissist still at the very least bragged about you for some things and said that there were positives about you but now nothing positive comes out of his or her mouth. They have nothing good to say to you and the more you try to do better the worse they seem to heckle you. It’s like the harder you work to please them the worse they beat you down.

2. You never know who you’re coming home to and times are more often bad than good to an extreme.

This person is always up and down, you never know what kind of mood he or she is in and when they’re in a bad mood nothing you say or do can make them get into a better mood. It’s like they’re always looking for a reason to turn on you and well, you’re seemingly walking on eggshells. Things are always hectic and finding a moment of peace is very hard.

3. You are able to find evidence that they’re looking for someone else and not hiding it.

Narcissists are pretty open about the things they’re doing when they’ve realized they’re about to move on they will begin looking for their new supply. You won’t have to look hard for the signs of this because they will be very open about it. You’ll see them flirting and showing interest in others, and they’re not going to bother to write it off in their eyes because they just don’t care.

4. They really don’t seem to want to see you doing well at this point.

When you seem to be doing well, he or she beats you right back down. They want to leave you while you’re at your worst not when you’re doing well. The lower you fall the higher up they feel.

5. They don’t even bother making excuses anymore.

Because they don’t really care about how you feel or have anything else to gain from you their excuse making isn’t going to be as prominent. They’re just going to go all out and do whatever they want without trying to explain these things away when you confront them. The more you push them for answers the more blunt they become.

These kinds of things are toxic and dangerous for us all and our well-being as a whole. You don’t need to let this kind of person have a hold on you or your life. You deserve better and that’s why you should let go, grow, heal, and move on when you’re ready.