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In case you aren’t aware, the Crown chakra is one of many chakras within our bodies. It is said to be apart of the head that provides energy to the body and it is one of the most important chakras, as it strengthens the rest.

The Crown chakra is most commonly linked with the color violet or white and its symbol is composed of a circle and a thousand petals. The main focus of the Crown chakra is to get us in touch with the universe and drive our consciousness. Sometimes when we strain our minds and bodies too hard we begin to deteriorate.

When this sort of thing happens, our chakras are not able to properly move our chi through our body. It is as if your chakras are sleeping and if that is the case you must wake them up. You can do this through deep meditation and lots of positivity. When you do this, focus on each chakra individually.

Below you will find a list of signs that indicate your crown chakra specifically is becoming awakened. It is not as hard as it seems and the signs truly do stick out. I believe meditation is the key to most things in life. Our chakras are extremely important please don’t ever forget to take proper care of them.

5 Signs Your Crown Chakra Is Awakening:

1. Your sleeping patterns have changed.

You are getting much better sleep than you have before. It seems like you are at peace now and things are just happier all around. Instead of waking up every few hours you can get a good night’s sleep.

2. Your eating habits have changed.

You are either eating less or more. In my experience, I eat more but everyone goes through this differently. While this one may seem a bit odd it is actually one of the more common signs.

3. You experience headaches that you normally wouldn’t experience.

Your mind and body are finally processing things they have been attempting to process for some time. This can and will result in headaches and body aches for most. Do not be too alarmed, these pains will go away in time.

4. You want to be alone.

When we begin changing at a fast rate we often withdrawal from those around us. You will most likely want to be alone now more than ever. This was going to happen one way or another.

5. You feel more aware.

Since the Crown chakra has to do with consciousness, it only makes sense that your awareness would increase. You are finally understanding things you never thought you could. Life is beginning to make sense.

If you are experiencing the signs listed above you are doing something right. Do not give up, things are going to be looking up quite soon.

Image via HD Meditation