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In times like these our angels come forth and work hard to protect us as best they can but if we’re ignoring the signs they’re sending our way, we should not be upset that they’re not doing more. Angels don’t just come out and say things, they use tons of different things to make their energies and points clear. 

We are all one and the more we tune into the frequencies of the angels around us the louder we will be able to hear them. I know, this all might sound odd but if you’re a believer in the guardian angels who watch over you, this will make a lot of sense. Right now we should be looking for signs from our angels more than ever and working to properly understand what those signs mean. 

Below I am going to go over some of those signs and break down what things they can mean. If you’re seeing these signs your angels are with you and trying their hardest the help you along your journey. Don’t take their efforts for granted.

5 Signs Your Guardian Angels Are Sending You:

1. You’re having oddly specific dreams.

Your angels will send you messages in your dreams because of how thin the veil is during that time. While it might seem like just an odd dream you should be reading into it. The more important messaged I have found have been presented to me through my dreams.

2. You keep having a very uncomfortable gut response.

When your angels see you doing or being in a situation over and over that’s not safe for you they will present to you a gut feeling. This will make you aware that something is wrong and the more you ignore it the quieter they will become. You should always listen to your gut, it’s lined up with those who care for you the deepest.

3. Plans keep falling through.

Sometimes angels can be party poopers. If your plans keep falling through time after time with the same person, it could have something to do with your angels. Perhaps that person has bad intentions and your angels are working to keep you safe, don’t quite chalk it up as something small when it could be something huge. Be more aware and let these lessons sink in when they need to. 

4. Warnings from other people.

While angels cannot always literally come down before you and tell you what’s up, sometimes they work through other people. They will have someone tell you what they need you to hear but it’s up to you to figure out what their message means and listen to it properly. Not all strangers who tell you things before moving forth are wackos.

5. You are seeing a lot of synchronicities.

Synchronicities are strange coincidences that can be in the form of seeing someone you thought about to noticing repeating numbers. If your angels are trying to tell you something be it good or bad you should read between the lines when it comes to this kind of thing.