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When it comes to love we want to fall for someone who has our best interest at heart, but that’s not always so easy in this day and age. A lot of people are toxic wolves in sheep’s clothing, and they will go out of their way to try and make sure we don’t see who they are right off the bat. 

Of course, in the beginning, things were great and you and your partner got along well but as time passed things changed, right? Well, if you’re thinking that your partner may be cheating or being unfaithful overall, perhaps you should look for some of the signs. Don’t get me wrong not all relationships that show these signs will play out as cheating scenarios but a lot of them will. 

When these signs are present they should make it clear there are issues within the relationship that need to be addressed and sadly it seems more often than not when these things are present there is cheating going on. While you shouldn’t necessarily jump to conclusions, you should take the time to consider it as a possibility and from there, talk things out and figure out where to go from there. If you’re not happy with your partner, you shouldn’t be with him/her. 

5 Signs Your Partner Might Be Unfaithful:

1. Intimacy is severely lacking within your relationship.

While to begin with, you couldn’t keep your hands off of one another, it seems that spark has died out. Intimacy is seemingly nonexistent at this point, and you’re not sure why. You didn’t think anything had changed, but it really seems like something has.

2. Your partner seems to be hiding things from you.

When someone is cheating, they become much more closed off. They end up hiding things from their partner and spending more time out of the house, all the while also spending more time on their phones. This in itself is something most people pick up on quickly.

3. It seems like your partner is acting out or being more aggressive/uncomfortable around you.

The more distant someone becomes with their partner and closer to someone else, the more on edge they sometimes become. Your partner may seem on edge when around you and really seem to do his or her best to spend time away from you. While this hurts, it’s something we all need to be aware of.

4. Communication is lacking big time within the relationship.

At some point, communication between the two of you became very strained. Your partner is hard to get a hold of, and he or she is just uninterested in talking about the issues you’re having. They may brush your concerns off and really leave you doing nothing but wondering.

5. Your partner is more narcissistic as of late.

The more attention your partner is getting elsewhere the more narcissistic he or she may become. This in many ways is their means of justifying what they’re doing but it doesn’t always work. They spend more time working on their looks and less time really caring about your wants or needs.