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While you would think you would know if you were a victim of a person with narcissistic personality disorder, it isn’t always so obvious. And if you are unaware of the obvious signs, or just continuing to try to see the best in this person, it is even harder.

Typically, these people are very into themselves, and consider themselves to be the ‘be all and know all’ person, who could do no wrong. And usually they will warp your mind so much that you will be left wondering what is actually real and what is illusion. Of course, it helps to at least know some of the most prominent symptoms, which I have listed below.

1. They constantly interrupt you, and take over conversations.

Conversation hoarding behaviors are normal for narcissistic people, because they believe they are amazing, and should be able to talk over others at random, and even interrupt them. Of course, this is because they are obviously a person who has more important topics to discuss. (In their mind.) You may find that you never get to say anything and when you do- they don’t listen.

2. They violate your boundaries.

They may borrow your things without asking, they will invite themselves into your home without asking, and they are constantly in your space with no regrets. To handle this, you Will have to set clear boundaries.

3. They are entitled.

Regardless of whether they have earned something or not, in their minds, the world owes them everything, and they will stop at nothing to get what they want. This often ties in with stealing and the trait listed below.

4. They manipulate you, and everyone else around them.

No matter what you want to do, they will find a way around your will, and bend your perceptions of things in order to get what they want.

5. You feel crazy.

When you have an argument with them, and later hash it out, narcissists will tell you that you are exaggerating, or that you don’t remember it correctly. They will also constantly go between valuing and devaluing you, so fast that you won’t be able to understand what type of person they are and how they really feel.