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Have you ever encountered the same problem again and again, almost to the point that it felt like you were cursed? Thankfully, that isn’t likely the case, instead, it could be that you are manifesting the same negativity through the law of attraction.

And if you are manifesting the same negative outcomes in your life over and over, the good news is that you can change that energy for the better, to obtain a positive outcome. First, though, you must understand how you are negatively manifesting the same problems, so you can turn your life around in a positive manner.

If you have ever heard the term ‘mind over matter,’ then you already have a pretty decent grasp on how we can manifest certain energies in our lives. While some refer to this as the law of attraction, others think of it as karma, however, no matter how you look at it, the same principle is applied. Basically, the energies and thoughts we feed the most, are the ones that will come to fruition in our lives.

1. You Are Stubborn

Rather than acknowledging the possibility that there is room for change in how you handle the goings on of your life, some people find it easier not to stray from their typical habits. However, this can spell bad news for your life, because change is necessary for us to receive a different outcome.

2. You Are Constantly Complaining About the Bad

While it can be easy for us to get caught up in the bad situations and encounters that we experience, it is not healthy or productive to constantly complain. So take a moment to vent, and then hash out a plan to change the situation for the better.

3. Acting Based on Emotion

Our emotions can cause us to react strongly, without thinking the situation through. Unfortunately, when we are acting based on our emotions, it is easy for us to manifest negativity because we aren’t fully ascertaining the problem. Try to cool down before reacting during a situation that calls for action.

4. You Don’t Communicate Properly

Unless you are communicating your thoughts and needs effectively, it is likely that you aren’t manifesting the correct energies. Sit down, and really think about what you want and make sure that you understand in detail what it is that you want from a situation. Then, communicate your needs with the universe properly.

5. You Are Too Negative About Everything

How can you ever manifest positivity in your life when all of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are negative? The truth is, you can’t. While it may sound cliche’, it isn’t. We manifest the energy that we put out into the world, so, if you want good things to happen, you have got to change your mindset first.