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Romantic partners share many types of kisses; passionate kisses, butterfly kisses, pecks, and of course, forehead kisses. Something that has the power to make almost anyone melt with love is the forehead kiss. Why is this kiss in specific so special and what does it really mean?

A lot of people get confused when it comes to the forehead kiss, because when it happens (most of the time) it leaves you with more questions than answers. Is it a sign of protection or tenderness? Or is it a sign that he just is not that into you? We are here to answer that question for you!

I have always thought of the forehead kiss as the most intimate type of kiss. The kiss that comes in the most special and intimate of times; the beginning of a new family, when you are most appreciated, right after two souls combine, and all of the other special moments that really make life worth living.

According to Laurel Steinberg Ph.D., relationship therapist, “The forehead kiss demonstrates a strong emotional intimacy.” Why? Because it is not a greeting of erotic attraction it is a kiss that communicates something truly deeper.

The following reasons will tell you why your partner is kissing you on the forehead instead of the mouth.

You Share A Truly Meaningful Connection

A forehead kiss from a loved one is something completely different from kissing behind closed doors. The forehead kiss tells a more meaningful story of emotional closeness in a relationship. This is why the forehead kiss can appropriately come from a parent or grandparent, it is a gesture of emotional fondness.

They Are Legitimately Kissing Your Soul

The warmth and pressure of lips on a forehead stimulates the pineal gland, this releases chemicals that trigger joy and mental wellness. With this motion, your partner is kissing your thoughts, ideas and you just as you are, not just a physical body.

They Show Adoration

Forehead kisses reveal a connection between two souls that goes beyond the physical realm of existence. It shows affection, love, and adoration for another person. It tells you “You are perfect just the way you are” or “I am so proud to have you in my life”.

It Shows A Commitment To You

This might be something that is not as obvious, but it is definitely true! When you get kissed on the forehead, especially in front of other people, they are showing you how committed they are to you.

They represent A More Unique Type Of Silent Communication

I believe that a kiss on the forehead has the power to tell us much more than words. It shows a certain type of affection that a simple “I love you” could never do. It is simply communicating without talking.

Attraction Could Be On The Decline

While a forehead kiss can mean so many wonderful things, it can also mean something bad. If your partner kisses you on the forehead it could be sending you a message that their interest is dwindling. So if you only get forehead kisses partnered with hesitation, it could be time for a conversation about what is really going on in your relationship.