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Being afraid of the dark is more common than you think. It is natural and most people feel it at least at some point in their lives.

There is when you really think about it an evolutionary reason as to why we are afraid of the dark. While most people think being afraid of the dark is childish it is anything but. Researchers have hypothesized that this fear in itself stems from a point in history when we were not the top predators. We often fear the unknown and in the dark, there comes a lot of unknown.

We were also raised seeing monsters and hearing stories of scary things hiding in the dark. Even most ‘religious’ cultures associate evil with ‘darkness.’ It is also a pretty conditioned fear for most. With that being said, we should not be afraid of the dark. There is a lot we can learn from the dark and if nothing else we should respect it and find it to be peaceful, to say the least.

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Be Afraid of The Dark:

1. There is balance in darkness.

In darkness, we can find parts of ourselves we didn’t realize existed. While this may sound pretty cheesy to some if you have ever spent time reflecting in the dark you know this to be true. There is a lot of peace in the silence that comes with it.

2. In the darkness, we can calm our minds.

In the dark, we are able to let our minds relax. I find meditating in the dark before bed to be quite soothing. Nothing is more relaxing to me than being alone in the dark, as weird as that may sound.

3. Darkness allows us to visualize things more clearly.

In the dark we can visualize on a level we would not be able to in the light. We don’t even have to close our eyes to see things we want to see. While this takes some practice it is quite interesting, to say the least. I mean even when you close your eyes you are in the dark, it is unavoidable.

4. Without darkness, we would not appreciate the light.

If we never had any darkness no one would appreciate what the beauty of light is. If the sun was seen 24/7 all over the planet would you really be happier? I know I wouldn’t be. I need the darkness and of course, we need it as well.

5. Darkness symbolizes endless possibilities.

Darkness is symbolic of a lot of things, but something that really touches base with me is that in a lot of religious or theories, darkness was what came first. There was nothing but darkness and now there is so much more than that. From darkness, anything can happen.

Do you value the dark as much as you should? Please feel free to check out the video below to get a better understanding of why we fear the dark. If you know someone who struggles with the pitch black nightfall send this their way.