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When it comes to burning sage, we do it for a lot of different reasons and use certain things along with sage in some situations as well. Smudging as a whole is a very powerful act and it can really heal the energies around you if you do it properly.

Below I am going to go over some of the different situations during which burning sage might be necessary. Whether you’re using just plain white sage or mixing in other sacred herbs, this kind of thing can work wonders. Smudging while often thought to be something only witches do, can help even the most average person.

5 Reasons To Burn Sage And Why:

1. To cleanse the energy of your home.

When your home becomes full of negative energies you need to remember to open up the windows and smudge things properly. Mixing sage with Palo Santo in this sense is one of the best things you can do. That in itself will really help move out the things you no longer want present before you and leave your home feeling much lighter.

2. To cleanse your own aura.

When it comes to cleansing your own aura, you need to use sage. I personally use white sage in for this but some people like to mix that with sweet grass. Sweet grass for those who might not know helps us heighten our consciousness and come to a new state of mind. In cleansing your aura through smudging you can work wonders in really bringing your own aura back to a positive state.

3. To remove stagnant energies.

We all face stagnant energies from time to time and well, clearing those out is important. Smudging can work wonders in this sense. All you have to do is smudge the places where you feel stagnant energies have gathered and go from there.

4. To enhance the energies of a ritual.

Smudging is a very important part of any ritual. Smudging beforehand reassures us that there will not be any energies clashing with the ones we wish to bring forth. While some do not believe anything but sage should be used during situations like this, I personally like to add a little cedar depending on the ritual.

5. To help clear out negativity and toxicity.

This world is full of negativity and toxicity. That in itself is not something we can allow ourselves to forget. If you think everything is going wrong these energies could have more of a hold on you than you realize. In order to clear them out figure out where they seem most concentrated and smudge that place or that thing as best you can. In doing this you will be able to move forth more properly.