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Empaths deal with a lot more than they tend to let on and if you are one, you know exactly what I mean. While it might not sound like much to those on the outside looking in, the things empaths absorb take a serious toll on them.

Empaths for people who might not know are people who are gifted in helping others to a serious degree. They are able to absorb the emotions that others are putting out and understand them as if they were their own. Their empathy levels are off the charts and overall they tend to get themselves in way over their heads as a result. This isn’t something they can just turn off and so, it ends up dragging them down more often than they would like.

That being said, there are several crystals that hold powerful energies that can be used to help aid the empath during rough patches. If the empaths is feeling overwhelmed, they should turn to their stones as a means of release on some level. Below I am going to go over some of the stones that I tend to use the most and if you’re an empath you should consider adding them to your connection and carrying them with you often.

5 Powerful Crystals That You Need To Keep Around If You’re An Empath:

1. Jade

While it is a very pretty color, jade is a stone you need to keep around. This one will help bring the person who keeps it close safe from harm. It will attract friendship and also offer you the chance to get rid of negative thoughts on some level. I know, that might not sound like much, but it makes a huge difference as someone with it moves throughout their daily lives.

2. Black Tourmaline

This stone is one that I personally love for a lot of reasons. It helps ground those who use it and works to ward off negative energies as a whole. If you’re facing someone in your life that likes to bring you down more often than not this stone will come in handy big time.

3. Amethyst

This stone is both beautiful and powerful. It is one of the more well-known and with good reason. Those who keep it close know that it helps reduce their stress levels and helps keep them on their toes. It’s something that shows us how to open up and more often than not it works to counter sadness which for many of us is quite important.

4. Fluorite

This one is easily a favorite of mine because of how it looks, but it holds more than just beauty within. This stone increases our ability to concentrate and helps boost our confidence as a whole. It can bring balance into our lives and when we use it properly it can really absorb the issues we’re dealing with.

5. Blue Topaz

This stone is one to be well aware of. It helps us recharge and heals us in ways others don’t. It works wonders on us in many ways and is able to also increase our ability to get our words out as we intend them. When you need to get your point across, I suggest bringing out this stone and keeping it close.