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As a parent of both a boy and a girl, I have to tell you that there are special things to take care of and keep in mind with each. Below, I have listed common mistakes parents of boys make for those who want to ensure they empower their son to be the best possible person.

The thing about parenting is- there is no perfect way. We all make mistakes and at the end of the day, the more you know, the more empowered you are to be the best parent you can be. A part of this includes seeing where you could go wrong and striving to change course and do what is best.

Here are 5 common parenting mistakes to avoid when raising boys.

Having Too Many Boundaries

Let me explain: boys do need boundaries, so don’t get me wrong. However, they need some freedom too. While you may need to set some limits, also be open to letting him venture out and explore the world, too.

Saying “Boys Will Be Boys” As a Cop Out

Please, for the love of humanity, do not excuse your son for acting like a barbarian with the age-old cop-out, “Boys will be boys.” When you do that-he is going to learn some really bad behaviors.

Invalidating His Feelings

All too often, parents will say, “Stop acting like a girl!” to little boys when they have emotions. When we do this, we are completely dismissing the fact that men and women have emotions. Not only that, but you are setting him up to be emotionally immature and unable to manage his own emotions. Instead of invalidating them, emotionally coach him on how to handle emotions and deal with them in a healthy, unrepressed way.

Not Allowing Him to Be Soft Sometimes

Just because he is a boy does not mean that he can’t be ‘soft’ sometimes. If he enjoys softer pursuits from time to time, let him.

Expecting Him to Think Just Like You

Boys and girls are different. He is going to see things and experience things differently than you. It’s better to accept this than to try to change him or reprimand him.

Giving Into His Every Wish

When you give in to his every wish or request-you are setting him up for failure. This is how entitled kids are shaped to become entitled adults.

Doing Everything For Him

As a mother, you may be tempted to do all of his laundries, and let him ‘be a boy.” But, the thing is, you are crippling him by doing everything for him. Let him learn how to take care of himself. Better yet, teach him how.