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When it comes to numerology there are lots of important numbers that can be found on your chart as a whole. Sure, some of them are more important than others but overall, they all hold their own meanings.

Have you ever dove into your numerology chart? If you haven’t you probably need to if you really want to get to know yourself more properly. Below I am going to go over the 5 most important numbers that you will find on your chart and what they mean. If you want to generate your chart so that you can see what numbers are within each area on your personal chart, you’ll have to click here and go through the motions.

The 5 Most Telling Numbers In Your Numerology Chart:

Life Path Number

This number is one that shows you the path down which your life is moving. It is unique to you and helps you really see things as they are. For instance, my life path number is 9 which means that I am very intuitive and compassionate. I am someone who tends to give more to others than I should and when it comes to my life as a whole this shows that I would make a great social worker or something of that sort.

Expression Number

This number is also very important to each of us. It is how we express ourselves. It highlights the things you’re really good at and where your talents lie.

Soul Urge/Heart’s Desire

This number is also known as the Heart’s Desire number and is one that shows who you are on the inside. If you have things going on within, this number is going to break that down on some level.

Personality Number

While it might not sound like much, this number is one that breaks down the more dominant things about you as a person. It shows how the world around you sees you and what you might not often realize about yourself. I know, that might sound vague but the more you dive into this one the more sense it will make.

Birthday Number

Now, your birthday number is something very special. It shows what things may end up before you. If you handle things a certain way, it will reveal that more-so than you’d expect. If you’re looking for the things going on down the road, this is the number to really take to heart.