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I know, love is hard to find but it’s not as complex as we make it out to be. If you know how to avoid toxic people and are willing to grow properly, it’s going to be much easier for you than perhaps for someone who walks through life with wool pulled over their eyes.

Below I am going to go over several lies that people tend to say or try to use as a means of justifying the situations they are in and well, believing them is a big part of the problem. True love is not going to be so painful and toxic, it’s going to lift you up and help you to see yourself as you should be rather than as you may never think you’re capable of. Believing these lies will only in the end leave you stuck with someone who isn’t going to ever be who you truly want them to be and, you’re not going to be happy.

Believing These 5 Lies Makes It Hard To Truly Find The Love You Deserve

1. “If you wait long enough maybe something will change.”

Things don’t just change, you have to fight for them to change and if someone in your life doesn’t want to change, they are not going to change. You cannot expect someone to become who you want them to be when they are already content with who they are. Life just doesn’t work like that.

2. “You can’t ask me to love you if you don’t even love yourself.”

Nope, this one is a complete load of shit. Just because you have issues with yourself does not mean the person you’re with cannot love you. If they really truly were with you for the right reasons, they would love you whether you were working on yourself and trying to learn how to love who you are or not.

3. “When you’ve found the right person things will be perfect.”

News flash, perfection does not exist in this world, period. While there will be a lot of good moments when you’ve finally ended up with the person who does actually love you, that does not mean there will be no ups and downs. Sometimes you will still argue and there will even be moments where you’re not sure if this is where you want to be headed or not in life.

4. “True love is unconditional.”

Even the truest of love is conditional. Yes, you may care for someone but if they do something that warrants you leaving you shouldn’t just stick around. It’s not right for you to expect someone to love you unconditionally, sure they might love you as you are and embrace your flaws but we all have our limits if you are toxic or holding them back, they are not required to stick by your side, sorry.

5. “You’ll know your true love the moment you see him/her.”

No, this isn’t necessarily true. You might have someone in your life now that you don’t’ realize is going to be someone you’re in love with someday. Love isn’t always something that blossoms in the moment, sometimes it grows as the days pass. This kind of thing cannot be limited to a mere love at first sight idea that people refuse to let go of.