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While not everyone believes in reincarnation, a lot of people do and claim that they do so because they have come across people from their past lives. Meeting someone that you’ve met before but do not know in this life might be a bit weird sounding, but for many of us, it is a strange reality we face. 

You see, we have all come to this planet many times over. Some of us are mature souls who have ventured here a good but and others are old souls who have been here hundreds if not more times over and well, that can affect us in a lot of ways. The more times you’ve been here the more souls you will know. Coming across someone from one of or multiple of your past lives can be a very interesting and telling ordeal, that much is certain. 

I personally have come across quite a few people that I feel I have known in past lives and the experiences I have had with those people are quite unique. Some of them were people I’ve loved and others perhaps even people who have done me harm before. All of our experiences with these different people are special as the way we resonate with them is based on an energetic or soul connection.

Below I am going to go over some different signs that someone you’re in contact with or someone you’ve met could have been someone you knew in a past life. This kind of thing explains a lot and could show you more into why you feel a certain way about someone you don’t really know all that well. I for one believe deeply in this kind of thing and well, if you’ve ever met someone from a past life you likely do as well.

5 Amazing But Odd Signs You’ve Met Someone In A Past Life:

1. You feel almost indebted to them or them to you right off the bat.

Because of the things from your past lives together you may owe this person something, or they may owe you something. The two of you may have some kind of karmic debt that needs to be paid and that could be why you’re feeling this way or they’re feeling this way. While it is hard to grasp at first, it can be quite clear as time passes.

2. It’s like you can read them as if they were an open book.

This person is so easy for you to read because you know their soul so well. The more lives you’ve spent with them the more intense this kind of thing will be. For some, it is so intense it’s almost as if they’ve been aware of one another since the day they were born even after just meeting.

3. Meeting them has sparked an intense reaction within you. 

Right from the very first moment you met this person you felt something intense about them. Now, this feeling could be very positive or very negative depending on the past you two have shared. They for a lot of reasons are someone you know quite well whether you realize it or not.

4. The way you feel about them is overwhelming and hard to ignore. 

The feelings you have in regard to this person are not something you can simply ignore. They are overwhelming and you cannot get them off of your mind after meeting them. Their presence sits with you in a very particular way.

5. You seem to be able to communicate with them on a level that is almost ‘telepathic.’

This person is even if you’re not necessarily on the best terms someone you can speak to without words. You’re on the same level in a lot of ways and the connection you have be it positive or negative is hard to explain. You really see into one another’s souls.