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We know how to spot narcissists out there in the real world but what about when we’re online? Could someone on your Facebook friend’s list be more toxic than you might initially assume?

A cyber-narcissist is someone who allows the internet to take on their narcissistic ways, this doesn’t always include those who are posting selfies and so forth all the time but it can. Everyone in this sense varies in their own ways.

Below I am going to go over some of the things we all might see online that could indicate someone is a cyber-narcissist. Whether they end up truly being one or not, when these things are present we should consider blocking them from our online lives. Sometimes people just don’t deserve any place from which they can hold power over us.

5 Things That Reveal A Cyber-Narcissist:

1. Constant shaming of others online.

Cyber-narcissists shame other people online when they see things that they do not necessarily agree with. Whether it’s something that affects them or not they go out of their way to make a comment. It’s like they are unable to simply scroll by.

2. Serious ‘trolling’ that doesn’t seem to end.

Cyber-narcissists are serious trolls. They specifically seek out posts that they can comment on to get a rise out of others. Even if you decide to stop engaging they keep going.

3. No remorse for how they’re making others feel.

Cyber-narcissists don’t care if they make you upset in general. Whether you’re clear about how you’re feeling or not they won’t slack off. They completely disconnect those they speak with online from real people in actual life.

4. Online harassment or stalking.

Cyber-narcissists are not above literally harassing and stalking people online. They will make fake accounts and keep attacking the same person until they’ve had their fun. To them, this is a sick ruse that they do not intend to let die out easily.

5. Always seeking attention from others.

Cyber-narcissists won’t let you simply ignore them. They bait others big time and trick them into being trapped in their webs of confrontation. There is a lot more to these kinds of people than most realize.

As mentioned above when someone is doing these things or some of these things they should be blocked and in some cases reported accordingly. While it might be a bit uncomfortable to have to go through it is very important that you as a victim remain strong and do not let them win. Simply walking away is not letting them win it is allowing yourself the room you need.