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Sleep is something we all need and not getting enough of it can take a serious toll on your mind as well as your body. While not everyone realizes this, the quality of sleep you get matters, big time.

When we are asleep our body is working to recharge and let go of the stress we’ve accumulated throughout the day. Getting too much sleep or not enough sleep can really hold a person back. This much you should already be aware of.

Below I am going to go over some of the health conditions and things of that nature that we can end up with when we’re not getting the sleep our body needs. While some of these have other contributing factors as well, they highlight how important sleep really is. It’s not something we should be going without.

6 Health Issues That Have A Lot To Do With Not Getting The Sleep You Need:

1. Memory Issues

Not getting the sleep that you need can take a serious toll on your memory and ability to concentrate big time. You could end up depending on how severe your issues are with long-term problems with your memory be it your long-term memory or your short-term memory. According to Healthline, when we are asleep our brain forms connections that help us process and keep things in our mind that needs to be there if we’re not sleeping, that’s not happening as it should be.

2. Diabetes

Yes, tons of things go into making up why a person has diabetes, but sleep can help prevent it on some levels. According to the NHS people who sleep less than 5 hours a night are at an increased risk of developing diabetes. I bet that in itself is more than enough reason to sleep a bit more when you can, isn’t it?

3. Heart Disease

I know, this one might sound a bit out there, but it is true. When we’re asleep we’re repairing our body and if you’re not getting the sleep you need to do that, you may face higher blood pressure levels. This brings your risks of heart disease up more and more as things persist.

4. Decreased Immunity

Sleep helps strengthen our immune system whether we realize it or not When we don’t get the sleep our body needs, we’re not fighting things off in the same manner. People who sleep longer when they’re feeling ill tend to do this for a reason, their body is telling them that they need the rest so that it can do what it needs to do.

5. Mental Health Issues

If you’re not sleeping enough it can put you on edge or make you overly moody. People who do not sleep as much as they should tend to face mental side effects as they do physical ones. You can’t expect your mind to do everything it needs to do when it’s not been given a break.

6. Balance Issues

Yes, a lack of sleep can even end up affecting your balance. This makes things very skewed and overall you may be more prone to accidents. As you can see, sleep can affect some things you would never even consider associated.

While you don’t need to sleep for 12 or 14 hours getting a good night’s rest is something you should consider crucial. Don’t let people keep you up or overdo things as a whole. Do what is best for your body and your mind.