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A lot of times, when our relationships begin to suffer, we are quick to think that the relationship is doomed. Of course, much like anything in life, our choices and our habits make a massive difference.

None of us are perfect, that much is true. However, if you could make a positive change in your relationship by acknowledging your bad habits, would you? If you would then the first step to take is recognizing the bad habits before it is too late. Before you continue, I implore you to take a step back from your situation (mentally, of course) and really be honest with yourself and about your relationship. Open yourself up to the possibility that there is room for error and that there is a possibility that your relationship fate is in your hands and your partner’s hands.

With all of that in mind, here are 5 bad relationship habits to break NOW.

1. Waiting for your partner to initiate affection.

While this tendency is more prevalent in women, due to societal norms, this practice can put you in the habit of never pursuing your own needs and instead awaiting your partner’s. In turn, it’s very likely that your needs will not be met. In turn, you will go down the road of resentment.

2. Changing who you are to be more like your partner.

It might seem tempting to change to be what your partner wants you to be. However, this is a very bad practice. First and foremost, it will lead you to be in disalignment with your true values. While you may feel like this is okay at the moment, eventually, your true self will come through. By doing this, you are reinforcing the belief that you aren’t good enough.

3. Holding your partner accountable for your emotions and happiness.

Your partner is not responsible for making you feel happy and fulfilled. Yes, a good relationship can make you happy, but at the end of the day, it is not your partner’s responsibility to make you happy. You have to do that for yourself.

4. Fighting to be right.

If you are fighting to be right, you are fighting on the wrong team. Your goal should be to fight for your relationship.

5. Never letting go of the past.

If you say that you forgive your partner, forgive them. Do not continue to re-open the wound, and if you haven’t let go, do not say that you have.