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In this world, there are lots of people who refuse to value the things we say. They let everything go in one ear and out the other as if it holds no meaning at all. 

Silence for ourselves and for others can teach some of the most enormous lessons. While it might not sound easy to simply ignore those who have refused to hear us properly, it is important to make sure they finally see things as they should. Through this silence, you are cutting this person off, finally. 

There comes a point in our lives where we must cut ties with those who refuse to hear us out. If someone is completely ignoring the things you tell them and going out of their way to hurt you even after you’ve told them your pains are present, that someone doesn’t deserve your time or efforts. You don’t owe them an explanation as to why you’re no longer willing to be a part of their life, your silence will speak volumes.

Things People Learn When You Finally Offer Them Silence:

1. They learn that you’re not going to put up with their crap forever.

While these people might think that you are just a punching bag or someone they can use the more you make them aware that you’re not going to feed into their toxicity the more clear things become in their minds. Sure, this might make some fight harder but those who do not realize they’re messing up severely will begin seeing how they’ve hurt you.

2. They are given a chance to think through the things they’ve done to you and question why you’re being silent. 

When you ignore someone who refuses to hear your words properly you are giving them a chance to think things through. They finally have to be alone with their thoughts and come to their own conclusions as to why you’re not speaking. Sure, some won’t be able to figure it out but others will come to apologize.

3. They begin to appreciate the times when you actually spoke to them.

Now that you’re not there anymore they realize how important you were to them. You were their confidante and without you, they don’t have as many people as they’d expect to have. Your absence reminds them of how much they need you.

4. They learn that if things do not change, you’re not going to be around.

While this is in many ways tough love it does teach them that if they don’t make changes they’re not going to be in your life anymore. Through being silent you’re letting them know you have no issue cutting them off. They must be willing to put forth a proper effort.

While these things are going to take some time for different people those who learn these lessons properly will work to fix things and the ones who refuse to see the error in how they treated you will make their exit. In the end, you will only be surrounded by those who care.