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While you may assume that things like this only happen on ‘rare’ occasions, the truth is babies choke all the time. According to Health.NY at least one baby dies from choking on food every five days here in the US, choking injuries and other things of the sort are a real threat.

I recently came across a video that highlighted how simple some of the things babies choke on and how to save their lives when they are choking that really got me thinking. This video was put out back in 2015 by St. John Ambulance and has only gained little over 8 million views since. This advert might not seem like much to most but when you’re face to face with a choking baby the information presented within it can literally save a life.

In this video, small animated objects go over the four steps that can be used to save those tiny humans who happen to end up choking on them. Those four steps are; lay them face-down on your thigh, give up to 5 back blows, turn them over and give up to 5 chest thrusts (repeat within reason), and if that does not work call an ambulance. Doing these things until the airway is clear might be quite intense, but they can be the one thing that keeps your baby from losing his or her life.

The description of this video goes as follows and explains why St John Ambulance felt the need to create this short, to begin with:

“Pen lid, marble, princess and jelly baby have had enough of being a hazard and they are here to show you the correct technique to save a choking baby. Read more about the campaign and view resources for parents at…

Parents told us that over 40% of them have witnessed their own baby choke. And when we quizzed them on the first aid, we found that over four-fifths don’t know what to do in this situation. Starring the voices of David Walliams, David Mitchell, Johnny Vegas, and Sir John Hurt, this heart-warming video shows how easy it is to save a choking baby’s life. Please share it far and wide, so that as many people as possible know some first aid.”

To see this video for yourself please feel free to take a peek below. Have you ever noticed your baby or someone else’s choking? How did the people around that baby react? Were any of the things in this video done or could things have played out much smoother if they were?