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Scorpio is an intense sign, that pushes us to dig beneath the surface, and with the upcoming full moon being in this sign, it is going to be pushing us to seek out the truth. While the results of this endeavor may be uncomfortable, this necessary push will cause transformation beyond your wildest imagination.

If you aren’t used to this truth, then these next few days may be difficult, but transformation never really is easy, is it? There are two extremely in-depth levels to this truth, and while the Scorpio energy alone will be enough for transformation, it will also occur opposite of Mercury, which can make things all the more difficult, unless you are prepared.

So how do we move with this energy rather than against it?

1. Find your voice.

With Scorpio urging you to speak your truth, and Mercury in opposition to the full moon, you will be searching for your voice. Don’t speak with impulse, instead, think rationally and choose your words carefully.

2. Get in touch with your feelings.

In the past few months, you may have found it difficult to express how you truly feel, but the Pluto influence during the full moon will help you to hone in on your own personal feelings, and to better understand who you truly are. Probing into the mysteries of your soul can often be difficult, when you aren’t used to diving deep within.

3. Understanding your true emotions.

Impulsive and reckless emotions may be difficult to uncover when we are unable to discover one from another, but now is the time: be truthful to yourself. Find out which emotions are serving you, and which are directing you down the wrong path?

4. Discover how love guides you.

During the Scorpio full moon, you will be challenged to find out which notions you have regarding love are those that were preconceived and which truly serve you. Do the people you invest in actually care for you, or are they using you? Find out the difference quick, but be careful what you wish for.

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