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Being a teen is a tough position to be in during modern times, and being the mother of a teen is even harder. Sometimes I feel like all my teenager wants to do is get away from me, but at the same time, I know she needs me more than ever.

The teenage years are challenging. Our kids are filled with hormones, angst, and so much confusion about who they are and where their lives are going. So many changes are taking place in their lives and the world places a lot of pressure on their back. While it may feel like your teen is pushing you away, they need you more than you know. Here are 4 things a teen needs from their mom.

1. Support & love.

Your teenager needs your support far more than you know. They are so afraid to fail and deep down, they worry they cannot do what it takes. Remind them of their capabilities and encourage them to follow their dreams.

2. To know they are enough.

Teenagers are insecure – and oftentimes, they struggle with themselves a lot. They need you to remind them that they are enough and that they are capable.

3. Limits.

Even though they will fight you tooth and nail, they need limits. They don’t need you to control every aspect of their life (they need independence too) but they do need you to step in and keep them in line. One day, they will thank you for those limits that kept them safe.

4. To be understood.

Your teenager doesn’t even understand themselves, which can be quite confusing. They want to know that you understand them and that you know what they are going through. They want to feel heard.