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Sure, overthinking happens a lot, it is not something we can really stop completely. That being said, it is something we can work through on some level.

When we are getting worked up or cannot seem to turn our minds off, we want to relax and calm down. We know things would be much easier if we could just really calm our minds and let the stress we are feeling melt away at least on some level. We all overthink for a wide range of reasons. Be it obsessing over minor details or merely worrying about the future, it isn’t easy to get a hold on.

However, overcoming overthinking, at least on some level, is something that we can all work on. If you want to calm your mind, following the steps below when you are really getting worked up will really make a huge difference. Don’t get me wrong, they won’t shut things down completely every single time but they will really allow you to get things in your mind situated so that you can move forward.

4 Steps You Can Take to Calm Your Mind When You Are Overthinking:

Step #1: Write things down, get it all out.

When we are overly stressed or have a lot on our minds writing out our problems or concerns will really make a difference. Whether you hang onto the paper or shred it after is up to you. This will allow you to get everything out and down on paper so that it makes more sense in your mind.

Step #2: Distract your mind.

Distract your mind from whatever is concerning you. Go for a jog or spend some time with friends. Get out in the world and do something to get your mind off of things.

Step #3: Meditate over things for a little while.

Meditation is one of the best ways to calm down. Use it as a means of regulating your breathing and allowing yourself to really let go. You don’t have to hold onto all the things going on if you cannot change them let go of them.

Step #4: Take action, don’t refuse to act on things.

If something needs to be done, don’t sit there and think about it until it is too late. Take action as needed and get the things done that are important. You are not as unable to move forward as you think you are.

Image via LifeHacker