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By looking at history, it becomes clear that we are not the first to have created complex inventions or societies. Despite us believing that we were the first at most everything that is considered technological or advanced, history seems to show us otherwise.

While there is no denying the many advancements that we have made, we also have to consider that civilizations have been built and destroyed many times over. By simply looking at things like the pyramids, it becomes obvious that we are not the first to be able to create amazing things. Actually, because of how advanced the pyramids are, scientists and historians are still unclear as to how they are even possible for that time.

Here are some other indications that some of our modern advancements existed long before we ‘invented’ them.

1. Medical advancements.

When we think of modern medicine, and compare it to what we believe was available to previous civilizations, we often think of them as pretty primitive. Despite that, there are scenes drawn on rocks and caves that depict blood transfusions, organ transplants, and c-sections!

2. Nuclear reactors.

When importing uranium ore from Oklo in Africa, the French discovered in 1972 that the uranium had already been extracted. Additionally, they found that the site used was actually used as the origin of the advanced nuclear reactor created 1.8n billion years ago. Even stranger, they discovered that it had operated for over 500,000 years!

3. Telescopes.

While Galileo Galilei is said to have invented the telescope in 1609, stone engravings found in Peru show a slightly different history. In the cave drawings, you can see a human figure holding a telescope.

4. Modern styles.

Caves found in France show depictions of civilizations from over 14,000 years ago. Included in those drawings are people with groomed beards, tailored clothes, short hair, and even modern-looking clothing. It’s interesting because when we think of cultures that existed over 10,000 years ago, we often assume they were cavemen with tattered pelts covering their loins. In reality, they actually were much more modern than we realize.