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As parents, we have to discipline our children to help them to grow into the best possible people. However, some discipline strategies do stand above the rest, while others will only lead your child to walk on eggshells around you.

Did you know that your discipline strategies could be making your child anxious? While some forms of discipline can be extremely effective, others can be counterproductive, because if your child is anxious as a result of your discipline, it isn’t likely that it will be effective. Here are 4 ineffective discipline strategies that make your child anxious.

1. Overly harsh discipline.

When your discipline strategy is far over the top for the action your child has taken, it is going to leave them on edge. Not only that, but it will also likely be ineffective because your child will feel victimized by your behavior. What you want is to teach your child the right way-not overreact and make them feel like they have been wronged. Make sure the punishment fits. Natural consequences tend to work better, because they make sense. For example, if your child doesn’t clean their room-they can’t find their favorite toy. If they refuse to wear a coat and get cold-that is a natural consequence. If you ground them for a year for making a bad grade, that’s a bit over the top.

2. Physical discipline.

Physical discipline does not work. It might scare kids into listening for the moment, but ultimately, it will leave them anxious, and not disciplined. I honestly don’t know why this is called discipline, because you aren’t teaching them anything.

3. Yelling.

Yelling at your children when you are upset is only going to scare them. When you start yelling, your child isn’t listening anyway- because they are going to be in a state of ‘fight or flight’. Instead of yelling, try empathizing and listening.

4. Inconsistent discipline.

Inconsistent discipline is worse than no discipline. When discipline is inconsistent, your child won’t be able to learn the concept you are trying to make them understand, because the tables will always be turning.