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There’s no doubt about it, cuddling is a very enjoyable activity. It brings us closer to the people we love most, and it just feels good.

However, the reasons why cuddling is so wonderful to go far beyond just comfort. There are several incredible reasons why cuddling is healthy and good for us. So, if you are looking for more reasons to cuddle more, here are four incredible reasons why you should cuddle more often.

1. It creates better intimacy.

While cuddling often leads to romantic intimacy, it also creates a deeper sense of intimacy overall. According to a 2014 study, couples who cuddled after intercourse were more likely to experience a higher level of satisfaction overall in the relationship.

2. It stimulates oxytocin, which makes you feel safe.

When we cuddle, our body produces oxytocin, which is known as the cuddle chemical or love hormone. In nature, animals produce oxytocin to make them feel safe when they have their herd present with them. And even among humans, this rings true. Oxytocin makes us feel more secure and safe.

3. It improves sleep quality.

Another benefit of oxytocin is that it enables us to put our guard down, and ease up. In turn, when we are laying down to sleep, and our mind is full of anxiety when we cuddle, it puts us at ease, enabling us to sleep much deeper.

4. It improves your ability to trust.

The human brain is trained to remember things that caused us harm, for survival. And while we cannot erase old pain, when oxytocin is stimulated, it creates new pathways of trust towards others. Cortisol, the stress hormone, causes us to lose trust. But, oxytocin builds it. With that being said, cuddling helps us to build trust with the ones we love.