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Kids are tiny humans, with minds of their own, so it’s pretty easy to see how sometimes, they aren’t going to do as we wish for them too. Under the many pressures of parenting, this can cause immense frustration and for many of us, our first instinct when frustrated is to yell.

However, when you yell at your kids, even if it releases your anger, even the slightest bit, you are not benefiting from the act itself. On the contrary, you are causing far more harm than good. Many studies have found that yelling at your kids regularly causes just as much emotional damage as corporal punishment. Even further, yelling at your kids won’t make them act better. Instead, it could cause them to act worse.

When we finally lower our voices and stop the yelling once and for all, there are many benefits. Here are 4 changes you will see when you stop yelling.

1. Your child will listen better.

When we yell, instead of seeking to understand, we end up inadvertently causing our kids to shut down. Not only that, but instead of helping your child to learn, you are scaring them into submission. This equates to them **maybe** doing what you tell them to do at the moment, but learning nothing in the long run.

2. Your child will trust you more.

The bond that we share with our kids can become damaged. One quick way to damage that relationship is to yell at your kid all of the time. Remember, we set the stage for our kids to learn to trust, so when you are always yelling at them, they are going to struggle to trust you or really anyone.

3. You will feel like a better parent.

Have you ever yelled at your child, and walked away and felt good about it? Going a step further, have you ever yelled at your child and felt like you had accomplished anything? The answer to this is most likely no because deep down, the vast majority of us realize that yelling is not good.

4. Your entire household will benefit.

When you stop yelling and begin to approach your child differently, you are going to shift your household in a better direction. The thing is- yelling changes the energy of your home.