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Sure, we all know that there are tons of beauty hacks out there but which ones actually work? Chances are you’ve heard a lot of crazy ones but have you tried any of them?

Below I am going to go over some pretty amazing beauty hacks. While you may never need to use any of them, they could come in handy. Which ones have you already heard of and how many have you tried?

37 Strange But Amazing Beauty Hacks:

1. You can use moisturizer as a makeup remover.

No one should be sleeping in their makeup. If you don’t have remover on hand there are lots of things you can use. Moisturizer is one of those things.

2. You can add contact solution to mascara to make it last longer.

Any normal contact solution will work wonders when it comes to making your almost empty mascara last a little while longer. Just pour it in and shake it up. It is that simple.

3. You can whiten your teeth with a banana peel.

Rubbing a banana peel on your teeth will help whiten them. Sure, it won’t be an overnight change but if you do this for a few weeks you will see a difference. It is quite the interesting tip.

4. Putting deodorant on your thighs will help with chafing.

If you struggle with chafing when it comes to your thighs deodorant can help. This doesn’t work for can deodorants but when it comes to stick and roll on it works wonders. It might not seem like much but it makes a huge difference.

5. You can use toothpaste as a chapstick if need be.

Applying toothpaste and letting it sit for a minute or two on your lips will effectively remove dead skin. While it isn’t as convenient as traditional chapstick, it gets the job done. Just let it sit and wipe it off.

6. You can add cornstarch to glossy nail polish to make it look matte.

If you prefer matte polishes or just want to try something new adding cornstarch to the nail polish you already have will give it a new look. Be sure not to add too much and see what happens. You will end up with some very pretty nails.

7. If you’re having trouble applying pencil liner, put your lighter to good use.

Heating up the tip of your liner for a couple seconds will make it a lot easier to apply. Just don’t do it for too long because it will melt. Make sure you find a good in-between.

8. Spraying your bobby pins with hairspray helps hold them in place.

This one doesn’t need much explanation. Just spray them before you put them in your hair and they won’t move much. This really does help keep them in place.

9. You can use toothpaste to shine your fingernails.

Not many people know about this one. If your nails are looking a bit rough this wil really bring them back to life. It might sound a bit odd but it really does help.

10. You can use silicone bra inserts to apply foundation in a pinch.

While not many people like the silicone applicators using the bra inserts instead of a beauty blender when you have to will get the job done. This is something a lot of people just don’t think to do. Don’t use your hands, give something new a try.

11. Your nails will dry quicker if you soak them in ice water after painting them.

I was skeptical about this one when I first heard it but it really works. Give it a try yourself, you will be very surprised. I sure was shocked.

12. You can heat your lash curler with a hair dryer if you want extra curl.

Just slightly heating your lash curler with your blow dryer will make your lashes so much better. While you might think your curler does a good job as is, after this, you won’t want to go without your dryer as well. I have done this several times and it seems to really make a difference.

13. You can substitute coffee filters for oil blotters.

Coffee filters are super cheap and work just fine when it comes to blotting oil. You don’t have to go for the most expensive products to get things done. Sometimes the cheap way is a wonderful alternative.

14. If you run out of color corrector you can use lipstick instead.

Yes, you can use lipstick as a color corrector and you can also use it as blush. Just make sure you’re not using too much and blend it out well. Chances are you won’t ever have to do this but just in case, it is good to know.

15. If you prefer some mascara brushes over others just wash them and use them with different products.

Most people for some reason don’t realize that they can wash their mascara brushes out. Sometimes the mascara itself sucks when the brush makes all the difference in the world. If you have a favorite brush, try it out with different mascaras.

16. You can cover grown out nails with extra glitter/glitter polish.

If your nails are growing out and your fake ones are looking rough instead of going to the salon or just dealing with it you can add some glitter to your nails to make them look less grown out. Just a little at the base goes a long way.

17. You can use olive oil as a makeup remover.

As I mentioned above you can use a lot of things as a makeup remover in a pinch. Olive oil also works wonders on the skin so you’re getting a 2 in 1. It also feels pretty great.

18. You can apply dry shampoo before bed to cut down on oils.

If you tend to have a lot of excess oil in your hair this tip will really benefit you. Dry shampoo works wonders and using it before bed might be something you have been needing to do. Give it a try and see how it goes.

19. You can use potatoes to lighten dark armpits.

Putting a slice of potato on your armpit might not sound fun but if you’re dealing with dark pits it is a good idea. Leave it on for about 20 minutes and then see where you end up. Chances are it will make a huge difference.

20. You can remove makeup with coconut oil.

Yes, coconut oil is also great for removing makeup. It also works wonders on the skin and smells great. This one is my favorite.

21. You can use kool-aid as a lip stain.

Just wet a q-tip and dip it in the powder. Apply this to your lips and go. It’s that simple.

22. You can wash your hair with coconut oil to make it softer.

Coconut oil is something many people use in many different ways. If you need a boost for your hair using it as a deep conditioner one good time and then washing it out well will benefit you greatly. If you want soft shiny hair, this is the way to go.

23. You can use apple cider vinegar to prevent acne.

Washing your face with ACV might not smell the best but it will help get rid of and prevent acne. This is because of the acidity within it. Don’t do it all the time but a few times a week will work wonders.

24. You can mix peppermint oil into your lip gloss if you want a plumper.

Yes, just a few drops and your lips will be looking much plumper. That being said, make sure the flavors are some that mix well. Sometimes it can end up tasting not so good.

25. You can use toilet seat covers as oil blotters.

While this one might sound a bit gross it is true. Whether or not you want to give it a shot is completely up to you. That being said, I think I will pass.

26. You can add moisturizer to foundation to lighten it if needed.

If you happened to buy the wrong shade foundation or are just lighter for some reason adding moisturizer to your foundation will help lighten it. While it won’t make a huge change, it might be just enough. A little bit goes a long way.

27. You can increase the length of your lashes with baby powder.

If you apply baby powder to your lashes in-between coats of mascara you will notice them being much longer. There is no need for falsies when this hack exists. Give it a try, you will be happily surprised, just try not to use too much baby powder.

28. If your hair is frizzy, dryer sheets can be used to reduce it.

Rubbing your hair with dryer sheets might look weird but it does help. This will effectively get rid of most frizz within reason. I do this a lot actually.

29. You can use mascara as an eyeliner if you run out.

If you’re out of eyeliner using your brush just scrape some mascara out of the bottle. Use this as liner and go about your day. It might feel a bit different but it will look the same.

30. You can get rid of flyaways with a toothbrush and some hairspray.

If you have any stray hairs that you cannot tame using a toothbrush with hairspray on it will really help. This will put them down and where they need to be with ease. I wish I had known about this one sooner.

31. You can apply concealer to the middle of your lips if you want them to look fuller.

If you want your lips to look fuller applying concealer to the middle of your lips is the way to go. Do this before you apply lipstick and you will notice a huge difference. Are you trying it yet?

32. You can use dental floss to get rid of blackheads.

If you need to pop some blackheads on your nose just run some floss tightly over your skin. This will have them coming right out and won’t feel too bad. It’s a lot easier than trying other ways and is fairly quick.

33. If you need waves in a pinch braid your hair and then flat iron it.

If you want curly or wavy hair but don’t have time to really work at it braid your hair. After you’ve done this go over it with a flat iron. Finally, undo the braids. You should be left with some nice wavy locks.

34. You can use teabags to prevent smelly shoes.

Chances are you probably won’t want to put teabags in your shoes but if you have smelly feet it will work wonders. Just pop a bag or two in your shoes and let them do their business. This will really help.

35. You can use conditioner as shaving cream.

If you’re out of shaving cream but need to shave use conditioner instead. It works just as well and leaves your skin just as smooth. I actually do this one a lot.

36. You can use a normal brush with a bobby pin on it as a fan brush if needed.

If you need a fan brush but don’t have one sticking a bobby pin on a powder brush will do the trick. This will flatten it out and allow you to do what you need to.

37. You can use a spoon to make the perfect cat eye.

You can use a spoon or a credit card to make a cat eye line. While it might sound a bit weird this one does work. It might take a try or two but once you get the hang of it, you’ll really like this method.

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