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When you are in a healthy relationship you do a lot of things differently. When you are with someone who wants to grow with you anything is possible.

If you are doing the things listed below you are not in a healthy relationship. A healthy relationship is about compromise and being honest. You cannot have a healthy relationship if it is full of hidden emotions and lying. While letting go of unhealthy relationships is not easy, holding on causes so much more pain.

33 Things That Do Not Happen In A Healthy Relationship:

1. You do not talk bad about your partner to your friends.

Talking about your partner behind his or her back is not a good idea. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, we think getting things out is the best option, but in all honesty the opposite it the best. Sure, if you need to talk to someone do so but calm down first! Take a walk, spend some time alone, and free your mind.

2. You do not stop spending time together.

Sure, we all need alone time and time with our own friends, but when you cannot stand to be in the same room as your significant other something has got to give. Be there for one another and understand your needs. As a couple, if you cannot be there for one another who can you be there for?

3. You do not stop caring about each other.

Sometimes we lose the spark, but that can be regained. However, when you stop caring about someone you can’t get that back. Enough is enough and moving on is best at this point.

4. You do not expect your partner to do everything for you.

You don’t want your partner to wait on you hand and foot; this is a relationship, not a job. You are getting a boyfriend/girlfriend, not a maid.

5. You do not let the bad days overshadow the good.

There will be good times and there will be bad times. Do not let the bad outweigh the good. Remember why you are together in the first place.

6. You do not tell them that how they feel doesn’t matter.

How your partner is feeling is important. If they think they need to make something known, do not make them feel invalid. Their emotions matter just as much as your own, even if you don’t want to hear something you may need to.

7. You do not stop reminding them that they are amazing.

You have to remind one another that you care and that they deserve to feel good. Building your partner up feels amazing and is something we should all do. If your partner is putting you down why are you with them?

8. You do not let them down.

You are true to your word and always make your partner proud. They do not let you down and you do not let them down! You are supposed to be a team 50/50 not 40/60, 70/30 or any number in between.

9. You do not refuse to be vulnerable.

Refusing to be vulnerable is refusing to be 100 percent in the relationship. In order to be together, you have to really get to know one another.

10. You do not stop having fun.

In a relationship fun is important. Sure, sometimes there will be no fun, but for the most part, you need to be able to cut up. Having fun is not as hard as it seems, you can have fun even doing something as small as making dinner.

11. You do not stop saying you love one another.

You tell one another how you feel about each other. Your emotions are never unspoken. Saying I love you is important, and hearing it makes a huge difference.

12. You do not doubt your feelings about each other.

You know that your partner cares for you and that you care for him or her. There is a mutual connection that cannot be changed overnight. You are both very invested in this relationship.

13. You do not make them struggle to meet your expectations.

When you care for someone you don’t give them unrealistic expectations. You accept their best and know they tried. Their efforts are good enough.

14. You do not bottle your emotions.

Bottling emotions is never a good thing, and in a relationship, this can be damning. If someone you are dating refuses to communicate you will not get very far.

15. You do not stop listening.

You listen to one another. When he or she has something to say you do not ignore them. You always hear him or her out.

16. You do not become overly aggressive.

You are not mean to your partner. You always strive to be kind and understanding. He or she is the same way with you.

17. You do not have to walk on eggshells.

You do not have to feel as if everything you do is a mistake. You are both on the same level and are comfortable around one another. This is a great feeling.

18. You do not point out their flaws 24/7.

You do not make fun of one another. You know what makes him or her insecure and are not going to use it to cause problems. Low blows like rude jokes are quite distasteful.

19. You do not tell them they are not good enough.

You know that you are both good enough for one another. Sure, sometimes we tend to say things we regret in fights, but you do not cross lines like this. You are both quite grounded in the mind.

20. You do not take your partner for granted.

You appreciate all that this person does and will continue to do. You are both there for each other in all possible ways. Things are great between the two of you.

21. You do not give up friends.

You do not have to stop being friends with anyone or isolate yourself. Your significant other does not try to hide you away from the rest of the world. When you get into a relationship giving up friends is not something you should ever consider unless said friend causes problems on an extreme level. Sure, toxic friends should go but true friends should never be forgotten.

22. You do not give up family.

You are still in contact with your family. They are able to remain in your life all the while this relationship is blossoming. As I mentioned above, you should not have to give up friends or family for a relationship.

23. You do not let each other go to bed angry.

You always resolve fights quickly. Making compromises is something you both do well. Nothing is ever too big to work through.

24. You do not forget the small things.

You remember the things that matter as does your partner. All the small things that brought you together are never far from your mind. This is one of the cutest aspects of a healthy relationship.

25. You do not lie about stupid shit.

Honesty is cultivated in your relationship. You do not lie about anything ever. You are one hundred percent honest and open with each other.

26. You do not ghost one another.

You do not go days without speaking. You never ignore his or her calls or texts; that is far too immature.

27. You do not make your partner your whole life.

You make your partner a part of your life, but you can still live without him or her. Being in a healthy relationship also means being able to be alone. You have to be able to know who you are without this person.

28. You don’t agree with one another all the time.

Being a healthy couple is not about being on the same page all the time. There will be disagreements. As long as these are able to be settled there is nothing wrong with them.

29. You do not compare your relationship to those of others.

You know your relationship is not perfect, but it is perfect for you. You do not compare him or her to other people and your relationship is perfect to you. There is nothing you would change.

30. You do not give up your values.

You are able to still be true to who you are and maintain your values. You see, becoming a part of a relationship should not involve changing your whole being. You have to remain authentic.

31. You don’t fix each other’s problems all the time.

You sometimes have to do things on your own and so does your partner. There are lessons we all need to learn by ourselves. We will not always be able to pick up the pieces of each other forever. You have to, as I mentioned above, function on your own sometimes.

32. You do not forget to say thank you.

You do not forget to thank one another. Everything you do for each other is appreciated. You are just as kind to your partner as he or she is to you.

33. You do not disrespect one another.

Respect is something you have to have in order to have a healthy relationship. Without it, you have nothing but a relationshit. You both respect one another and the boundaries you have set as well.