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One of my favorite things to see is content created by women, for women, and to empower women. One artist who has done just that is Lainey Molner, who is a very gifted artist who works to create comics that are not only relatable but also clever.

Through her work, she illustrates the interesting stereotypes and double standards in our society in a way that gets a good point across and in a way that anyone can understand. What I love most about these comics is that anyone can resonate with them, and honestly, I believe that even men can resonate with them if they look at them from an open-hearted place.

1. Respect is deserved, no matter what you choose to do with your life.

2. It’s okay to not have kids.

3. Double standard surrounding birth control.

4. All health matters.

5. Everybody is different.

6. Milestones.

7. The kid conundrum.

8. Everybody is a bikini body!


9. Numbers do NOT define your worth.


10. Smile.