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Are you falling head over heels for that special guy ? Is your mind overwhelmed with love and affection for him, yet you don’t know how to show it?

Possibly you’re thinking he might find you too extreme and withdraw, or maybe you’re worried that he’ll be drawn into somebody else’s arms.

Whatever the situation, try these 3 awesome approaches to help him feel a strong, burning desire to be close to you.

# 1. Gradually Work Your Way Into His Mind

A lot of women begin with the idea that guys want to sleep with a date as fast as possible. Yet, in my research, I found that you’re most likely to draw him in by becoming close friends with him before going to the next level.

I know that sounds alarming, as this could get you moved into the “Friend Zone”. But the concept is to not hop in the sack right away, and to tactfully draw it out a bit longer.

Believe it or not, the majority of men want the wonderful torture of the “slow burn”.

When done well, you’ll be able to sustain this tango till his craving reaches a level when he can not stand being ‘just close friends’ with you any longer.

He’ll want to take your friendship to the next level.

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# 2. Talk Your Way Into His Heart

A strong relationship is born when humans build a routine of interacting in a mild, caring manner.

Of course, in reality, communication doesn’t ALWAYS work like this, especially when opinions differ.

Although for the most part, a relationship thrives when the focus is more on words of affirmation than animosity or objection.

That’s the reason why a man is more likely to respond positively to a woman who recognizes his strengths and also honors them through words of praise.

For instance, you can easily tell him how sexy he looks with his brand-new tee shirt, or perhaps just the way he remembers so much information about cars or cinema or whatever he’s into.

Think about the characteristics you admire in him, and make sure to mention them.

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# 3. Use The Right Body Signals

Maybe you’ve noticed the way some lovers appear to naturally complement one another ? I’m speaking about the natural way they complete the other’s sentences and already know what the other person is feeling before they even say a word.

Probably you’ve observed this unusual quality in happy partners, whether it’s your friend or colleague and her spouse or even your 90-year-old grandparents. They seem to simply know each other on a deep, unstated level of understanding.

If you want to replicate that quality and set the direction for you and your partner, it’s good to begin with reading body language.

Naturally, a lasting relationship requires you to develop a bond through shared experiences and so on. However, mirroring his expressions and habits, as an example, can be a great means to set the foundations.

For example, when you’re going out on an adventure together, and he’s engaged in the moment, he will probably be wearing a smiling, happy look on his gorgeous face.

In this instance, you would match the brightness of his smile and, instantly, it will enable you to have a psychological link with him. It’s nothing but remarkable, and it will definitely feel like it.

When you start implementing these things, you are going to start placing your relationship on a better path. Treat these as practices you can take into your daily life, like going to the market or making deposits at the bank.

You’ll notice that quickly, your partnership will be rich with love, and you’ll have lots of it to continue growing for decades into the future .

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It’s practically like re-wiring his brain so he can not imagine spending the rest of his days with anybody else except you. Honestly, it’s a level of devotion that’s almost scary.

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