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I’m sure we can all agree that emotions kind of suck. They pop up where they are least expected and cause a world of mental conflict anytime they decide to make an entrance. They can even get trapped inside of you.


Emotions are nothing new, we all experience them and we’ve all gotten frustrated over them. When we go through something difficult to experience a struggling time it can be difficult to let those emotions flow freely and rid them completely. Overcoming emotions like fear, anger, and sadness can even bring about physical ailments like fatigue, cold and flu, or in extreme cases disease. There are a few different ways to release trapped emotions from deep within yourself and once you do, you’ll never feel better! Trapped emotions could be exactly what is holding you back from being truly happy! Are you ready to let the emotions flow freely?

Use Meditation

Meditation is an extremely effective way to release trapped emotions, it might even be the most effective. When We meditate the object is to zone out of our personal worlds and environments and listen to our intuition. By zoning out all of the external forces around you, you enable yourself to focus on what is bubbling within your gut. Meditation allows us to calm down from the stresses of the world and focus our attention on our mental health.

Talk To A Friend

Talking to a friend can really help you feel better, especially when it comes to trapped emotions. When we experience a traumatic loss or stressful situation the emotions can overload our brains and confuse us. All we want to do when we are experiencing these emotions is get rid of them so this causes us to naturally suppress them. Talking to a friend allows you to submerge these emotions and pour them out. After talking to a friend you might feel complete relief from the trapped emotions that have been sitting idle for so long.

Use The Psoas Muscle

The psoas muscle is the only flexor muscle connecting the spine to the legs. It connects to the diaphragmatic breathing system and when it is shortened it can lead to shortness of breath, chest breathing, or tightness. Sometimes trauma can reside in our lower hips and manifest itself as muscle tightness in the psoas muscle. By doing yoga and stretching the muscle you can release the tension that’s been residing in the muscle all of this time!