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Fortune tellers have been using a number of methods to determine our fate for centuries. And palm reading, one of the oldest techniques is said to tell us how we may die.

According to fortune tellers, the lines on our hands can give us much insight into how we will die. But there is a lot of information used to determine that, and palmistry can help us to dive deeper into the secrets behind our fate.

The first thing you need to do is identify your line of fate.


In order to determine if we will die from disease, you need to look for ridges. These look like fingerprints on the edge of the hand. Look past the major lines and look for the smaller ones, and you may see these lines begin to fade. If they do, it could indicate terminal disease to come.



Some fortune tellers believe that if you see deep, horizontal lines or bars, dots or dots with vertical lines. If you don’t see them, move on, don’t search for them.


If you see an island, or a line separating into two parts that gets joined again, it could mean that there is misfortune ahead. Small chains which are a series of small islands can mean poor health. And grills, which are crisscrosses of lines on the hand mat show ups and downs regarding s!xual health.

And while palmistry is quite accurate, do not live/ or die by the things that you see. Let it guide you, let it provide entertainment and meaning, and enjoy the information provided. Do not let it take morbid fascination to a dark level.

But, don’t take these signs to heart, as they could be signs of deeper transformation, or they may mean something else. While palmistry provides deep insight, you should never let it control you.